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photo of cover of DVD Blue Line Academy Lesson One, Make a Room, by E.J. Gold

Blue Line Academy Lesson One

Make a Room

by E.J. Gold

Price: $24.95

Lesson 1 - Make a Room is the first in a series of instructional BluelineTM Academy DVDs that teaches how to create an online game. The communication is clear and simple and very easy to understand.

Not only are the basic techniques of building addressed here, there are other layers of teaching available to the viewer. E.J. Gold is masterful in delivering instructions on how to develop precise hand movements and professional technique. This allows the attentive student to create a new set of habits. The habits themselves are built through using simple attention, sensing and repetition.

The beauty is if you just follow directions, you will be successful.

"As a teacher, I was in awe of the clean, zen-like quality of the instruction. Personally, I know how difficult it is to achieve this uncluttered, simple delivery, especially when dealing with spatial instructions such as using left or right hands to accomplish a task. It is great to be able to learn from a master." -- M.N., Elementary School Teacher, California