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American River College Movements Video

The Movements at American River College

Price: $19.95

This performance of the Movements by The Academy of Ancient Dance reflects the magic and spirit enlivening theater in ancient times. Director and choreographer E.J. Gold composed the music which serves as a fundamental component to the penetrating atmosphere created throughout this performance.

Theater, in ancient times, pierced through the veil which isolated perception of the higher_the reality of the Gods_from the prevailing awareness of the mundane. As in ancient theater, viewing this performance heightens and elevates the senses. Thus, one may empathize with the dancers to experience the higher force invoked through ritual dance to manifest within this form in the world of matter.

This performance is another form of ancient prayer recorded preserving sacred mysteries endangered of being lost . . . . Some folks use this as a Movements Workout Tape!

"Gold's recordings have an innate ascentive quality that resonates in harmony with the macrodimensions, higher emotions and spiritual inspiration. They inspire serenity and bliss."
-- Glenn Perry, Samadhi Tank Co.

"The most remarkable visions I've seen since the Norman conquest." -- Lee Lozowick, author of The Alchemy of Sex.

"Lucid dreaming is easy when you have a T.V. set like mine." -- Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, author of The Dream Assembly.

"Microseconds after pushing the play button, I was out of my body. Within minutes I was out of the cosmos." -- Heather Valencia, author of Queen of Dreams.

"These video tapes heal from the inside out." -- Patricia Elizabeth