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Antime Yoga

with E.J. Gold

Price: $29.95

2 DVD Set | Approx. 120 minutes

Just when you thought that you'd been given all these gifts and tools to work with, E.J. opens a doorway into entirely new vistas of work. This talk is a real jaw dropper.

This Sunday core group mini workshop introduces Antime (on-team') Yoga.

E.J. Gold describes the antime as your chief competitor, rival. The antime is dedicated to tearing down everything you build up. Gold gives the origin of the antime and graphic examples explaining how to recognize it. He examines the antime in the light of physics and metaphysics.

Gold offers Antime Yoga as in a yoke to take on some kind of work. You must work to free yourself from the domination of this enemy. What emerges is better able to tolerate the waking state. Then you can really understand the pack of green (POG), and at that point you can do work on yourself and become more able to participate in the Great Work.

In addition, a question from the Spanish group on how to work with invocational dinners is answered.

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The Antime Yoga Talk

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