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Academy of Ancient Dance

Price: $19.95

Now it's here -- the long awaited release of The Sacred Dance Movements, with the Arm Rhythmics, including the transitions, and it's being demonstrated by long time student, Tabatha Jones, of the earlier groups, who studied under the direction of E.J. Gold.

In this simple-to-follow demonstration of the Movements, we are able to study and follow along as we view each posture from the front, the back and the side.

Mr. Gold has been working with the Academy of Ancient Dance since 1969. In his commentary in this video, he distills the key to working with the moving center to invoke Sacred Spaces.

The key that Mr. Gold revealed over twenty years ago is, of course, essential to remember when working with the sacred dance Movements: Sense the whole without tensing. An absolutely necessary stepping stone for all those aspiring to work with the Sacred Dance Movements. The video can open the door to being able to deeply appreciate "the Dances."


"After watching this video, I can actually use the Movements Drill tapes to practice The Movements," M.L., Chicago

"This video opened my eyes to why I really wanted to learn The Movements," A.H., Michigan