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WebApps From IDHHB

Take a trip through BardoTown with sight and sound.

When it comes to something as important and intergral to your spiritual well-being as the attention, it is always a good idea to use personal experience personally experienced.

So how does this Attentiasizer exercise one's attention? Simple,... like any muscle the way to exercise the muscle is to use it.

"For those who learn by 'hands on' this is an ideal tool." -- A.H., Boulder, CO

Hello. Today i used the Zen Basics training for the attention of the essential self. I found the music in the Zen Basics helped me to focus or let go. Just a thought. I felt a change of awareness after Zen Basics. I felt more relaxed particularly less mental tension or need to identify with my crap. Hey there is an endorsement ! -- M.S. California

These browsers games were designed by E.J. Gold and Company as WebApps. There are 11 in all -- some with sound and some without: Afterlife, Angrybats, Charlie, Egypt, Lavaworld, Mummy, Mummystomb, Sexx, Shire, Spacebuddhaa, Voidness.