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My Victorian Christmas -- Pocket Mission

My Victorian Christmas Pocket Mission is now available for delivery in time for Xmas!

My Victorian Christmas is a Pocket Mission Pak of 30 incredibly rare and powerfully evocative Victorian photographic memory-joggers and past-life triggers related to Christmas.

You can tell a story or write a poem about each of the 30 stunning and unique photographs in the Pocket Mission Pak, and publish your results on where readers can compare the same photo described by different authors, in a carousel selection system developed by XxaxX Software — that’s Uncle Claude’s software development company, in case you didn’t know.

This Pocket Mission Pak is ready to go! You can have this adventure right now or wait until Christmas Day, or give it as a gift — this pak is the greatest non-threatening and unscary introduction to reincarnation you will ever find, plus it’s fun.

You don’t need a stimulus or trigger to accomplish this mission, just the images, but you might want to have in your pocket or on a nearby table, a coin from the period, so any Indian Head penny will do, no matter how worn. They cost about $3 and up, depending on condition and quality, relative scarcity, and desirability or demand.

I think My Victorian Christmas will change your perspective on Christmas in general and life in particular. Your flashbacks to a past life is made so much easier by the fact that Christmas is always a time of high stress and deep depression, hence it has that flavor of negative energy buzz that makes a good target for time-travel, kind of like World War II, only much less unpleasant.

Here’s the Kit:

Victorian Coin — $35

Victorian WormHole Temporary Tattoo — $12.95

Victorian Christmas Images — $6.99

Order the coin for $35 and you get the Tattoo and Images FREE, a $20 value!

You will be amazed at what you can remember from a past life, if only you would try!

Victorian Coin -- Price: $35.00

My Victorian Christmas Images Price: $6.99

Victorian WormHole Tattoo (only) Price: $12.95

Order the coin for $35 and you get the Tattoo and Images FREE!

YOU SAVE $20 on the whole package