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Norton Str33t Minisodes

Higher Consciousness Reality Show by E.J. Gold

Price: $24.95

30 Minisodes

Available as Instant Download

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Norton Str33t Minisodes

Instant (mp4) download $(19.95)

"Sadhana (Sanskrit ), is a term for "a means of accomplishing something"[1] or more specifically 'spiritual practice'.[2] It includes a variety of disciplines from Hindu and Buddhist traditions that are followed in order to achieve various spiritual or ritual objectives.

"Want to achieve the waking state but don't know how? Now you can do it easily, painlessly (almost), in the comfort of your own home. Just watch a few minisodes of Norton Str33t each day. Don't worry, you'll never get bored because you won't remember what you've just seen. Well, only vaguely, but it will all come back to you, not one word forgotten, when you really need it. Didn't you come to earth to achieve something this lifetime? Well, sadhana never got any easier than this. Just watch a few almost painless machina minisodes each day.Pretty soon you and your friends will be sitting around in the highest dimension, wondering what you were afraid of all this time. Yeah, it sucks up there, but you know you really should do it and if not now, when??? It really doesn't get any easier than this, thanks to the waking state guru, the inimitable Mr. E. J. Gold. Jai gurudev!!! -- Mick Perry, Baltimore, MD

"Man, I feel so fortunate to be able to watch Norton Str33t -and I don't work for the company! Thank you yesssss thank you thank you thank you"


"Assembled on one DVD, all thirty minisodes of Norton Str33t, delivering bite-size doses of the waking state of objective reality. Great!" -- Vettizon, Nevada City, CA

". . . What I am experiencing is that the episodes build on top of and adjacent to one another in unusual overlapping patterns to create a mosaic of consciousness centered on a single place, Norton Str33t, which I can see now is a place within myself."
- Leilajiva, UK

"Watching the Norton Str33t episodes on disc was both rewarding and challenging. I just don't get many opportunities to hang out in eternal spaces. I went through many interesting moments internally and whatever else you call that. I recommend this experience very highly for Bardo travelers and those who would like to improve their skills and knowledge. Nothing else quite like this one." -- Best Wishes, Rev Rosie Gander, San Antonio, TX

"A graphic communication of the Great Work, elegantly spiced with mystery, question and humor. I most highly recommend this powerful Work tool to all who care." -- YoYoDyne, Grass Valley, CA