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Drumming Classes with E.J. Gold

A Little History

Over the course of several months, E.J. Gold taught an amazing course in how to use drumming for your Work. This included the beginning basics, advancing through healing drums and using the drum for advanced vortex work.

These classes are available anywhere in the world -- all that was required was a connection. We had folks from Norway, Spain, France, Germany, England, Brazil, Argentina, New York, San Fransisco, and even Des Moines from time to time. This was the ultimate in a distance learning program.

If was every Sunday from 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Pacific time. This drumming instruction was much more than a class -- you could call it an experience. These classes went way beyond the basics of drumming delving deep into the nature of sound and rhythm.

No experience necessary

Don't worry about previous experience. No experience is necessary. Drop in, get started, and you will find plenty to work with. Even though the classes build from week to week, E.J. is a consummate instructor able to give the new student plenty to get started while at the same time challenging returning students to dig ever deeper into the material.

Classes Still Available

Even though the online class has run its course, we have a full set of DVDs available for your use. These DVDs contain the essence of the great drumming work -- available for you. If you would like to ask about a special rate for multiple DVDs give us a call 530-271-2239 or use our contact form to inquire.

Where Can I Find These DVDs?

Follow this link for E.J. Gold's Drumming DVDs. If you'd like advice on where to start in the series or any other information about the drumming classes just just contact us.

DVDs Available

Don't forget each week of these basic drumming lessons were recorded and are being made available through DVD. Whether you were there are want to revisit a class or you want to get started now, these DVDs are just the ticket.

Click here for additional information about the drumming DVDs