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Meditation as a Work Tool

E.J. Gold writes: "Mostly you need to calm down. Relax your mind, park your body, and get re-acquainted with the Spirit Plane. It’s what they call “meditation”, but it’s focused and single-pointed, not vague and self-congratulatory, which is what ordinary meditation amounts to.” (Gorebaggs World "I'm Hiring" 11/10/20)

Meditation has many benefits but better not to talk much about it and let you make your own discoveries in accordance with your needs. Some helpful blogs and videos are listed below, but don't forget to check out the Quantum Magic Videos, Brane Power CQRs and Gateways Books and Tapes for a wide variety of resources.

This Emotional Meditation kit comes complete with candles, high-grade votive jar, special fine white sand, six "duck" style light brown hardwood eggs, genuine hand-finished French-Polished Rosewood Sandbox and six standard 5-minute Passing Soul Medicine Sticks.

Called by many "The Attention Workout" -- an attentiasizer is used to exercise the attention. Not just any attention -- the attention of the essential self.

At last! A proven method for raising yourself from the dead, just like I did, by playing a CD in the privacy of your own home. In only minutes a day, you can get fast, fast relief.

"This CD meditation/induction is truly amazing. You owe it to yourself to work with this CD. In Florida there was a group of fifty of us that would get together just to listen to this tape (okay, it was a while ago). After you listen to it a few times you'll understand why." -- CWN

The instructions on this DVD are very specific. You are given everything you need to perform the rituals shown. If you are capable of learning the simplest and most basic magic trick on the planet (The French Drop) then you are capable of following the path illustrated in this DVD.

In our society, there is often automatic and incorrect intertwining of sexual and erotic energy. Erotic energy is a much higher level of energy. ESD properly belongs in the category of spiritual energy. We will be dancing ourselves back into the spaces we have been before, looking to recover the erotic energy incorrectly assigned to them. E.J. Gold gives the means to take back the energy from past events.

Zen Basics is an attention trainer for the essential self. Specially designed to work with the higher attention of the non-phenomenal essential self.

The Zen Basics App contains everything you need to get started with Zen Basics Meditation.