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Chess In The Sanitorium painting by E.J. Gold

Invocational Gatherings

Invocational dinners and gatherings of all sorts have been a mainstay of our work together since... well pretty much forever.

The invocational nature of the gathering is defined by intention and mood. Almost any type of gathering can become an invocational gathering. A chess game, dinner, drumming circle, dance, barn raising, et cetera.

However, there is something special about invocational gatherings that are centered around the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the community. Working with food intended for a gathering intent of being of service to the higher opens gateways that are otherwise difficult to attain.

Because of this we typically reserve the label "Invocation Gathering" to those gatherings that have the kitchen at the core of the event. Examples of these are Invocational Dinners and now The Invocational Tea Ceremony.

The Invocational Tea Ceremony

Recently travel has become especially difficult for many of us -- for a variety of reasons. This has prompted experimentation with new and wonderful means of being together. One such event is "The Invocational Tea Ceremony."

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