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Kunstmatrix as a Line of Work

What if this were your Homepage?

Wow! If this were your homepage, you'd be home-free, because an exhibition right on your front page is going to draw people to it, and plenty of views will be the result!

You could explain your whole concept, exactly what it is you do, on your website homepage just by sticking a gallery into it, somewhat like this one, which explains the Bardo in easy-to-understand visual graphics.

You can add sound to it if you like, but I prefer not to do that unless there's a compelling reason to have the sound.

In this case, there isn't. Besides, what if you're already listening to one of our albums, like "Hot Night in Hell" or "In Your Face" or "In Your Mother's Face".

Those could only help, and if the graphics are weak, you might need that extra help, but I'd suggest you make your graphics as blastingly powerful as you possibly can.

This is by far the most powerful online marketing tool I've seen yet. It turns your web page into a storefront, and that's a major effect! Your customer is IN your shop, browsing around.

Of course, it's just an introduction. You want to get them to your live chat, but this first-hit intro right on your homepage is just like being in the gallery itself.

It's a somewhat immersive experience, and is experienced as a walk-through. It doesn't get much better than that.

The only way to improve the result is to have a live-wired room box where every item is triggered to a sales point, but that's serious money, and you really don't need that much garbage in the way of the sale.

Oh, you don't want to sell? You want to inform? Teach? Instruct? Warn? All of those can be achieved.

One thing I gathered from looking at dozens of Kunst Matrix galleries is that you shouldn't pay too much attention to framing, unless you're selling an original Renoir and it has to be in a rich, ornately hand-carved gilded frame, which can be accomplished in photoshop.

You don't even have to buy the physical frame -- there's plenty of freebies online -- just insert your graphic into the frame and save.

You can use pictures of things, wall art of all kinds from gigantic tapestries to tiny little watercolors.

You can also put objects in there, using .PNGs with a transparent background, easy enough to make, which allows you to hang round objects and irregularly-shaped things, too.

It's not the same as a 3D model, but it works, and that means you can fake sculpture into one of these things, too.

You can indicate that an item is for sale, and state the price, if you like, and there's a hot-link back to your site, although if you do it right, they'll always be on your site, even when shopping in your virtual gallery or galleries.

Of course you'll want to use ZOOM for chats, or some equivalent.

You can hang a generic thing or a specific thing in there, but be sure to take it down or mark it "sold".

There are so many applications of this idea, and you can learn to operate one of these things easily, which means you can make a little money as a side-hustle making these for folks.

Even a private website could use a family album on the front page, right?

And for a commercial or nonprofit website, it's a perfect way to introduce yourself to new clients.

If you perform charitable events, you can show hundreds of happy people at your event, and give the viewer a sense of participation, because viewing is active, and that means involvement, time spent in your space.

The more the viewer feels comfortable about you and your product or service, the better it will go, and there's nothing that makes people feel more comfortable about you than knowing something about you, and that's what the online gallery does for you.

So tell everyone you know about this. Help them get on board if they need help, and give them a hand at figuring out what to put up on there.

If they don't have a web page, tell them to get one. I know, it's hard to move someone from zero, but do your best.

I can't think of a better way to make a website 100% more successful than with an online gallery!

See You At The Top!!!


This has been borrowed from EJ's blog What if this were your Homepage?