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MoveAct Code

MoveAct Code ebook

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[NOTE: The three required card decks are sold separately. See bottom of this page for links.]

Purpose of The Game

The MoveAct Code Game is a tool used in the process of unmasking the Sim. Typically when a being incarnates into the Sim it is a voluntary act taken by the being for specific reasons to accomplish specific goals -- known to the being at the time of incarnation.

However this information is generally forgotten during the first few years of life. In fact, in most cases the being completely identifies with the character into which they have incarnated -- even forgetting their true nature as a being.

Unmasking the Sim is the process by which the being is reacquainted with the real situation -- while at the same time providing tools for coping with that situation.

As already mentioned: the MoveAct Code Game is used in this process of unmasking the Sim.

In reviewing the various testimonials from MoveAct Code Game alumni, it has been a wonderful revelation to see that the full game and the solo games have many additional benefits -- some minor and some life changing.

Turns out that each of the decks can be tons of fun on their own.

You'll find many games for the individual decks within this book.

Organization of This Book

First we will introduce the MoveAct Code turn. This will give you the basic instructions for how to do a MoveAct Code turn. This involves all the decks.

Games for Individual Decks

Next we will introduce a bingy-bunch of games that can be played with each of the individual decks.

  • Emotion Code Games
  • Message Code Games
  • Animation Code Games

Background Material

After presenting games designed for the individual card decks we shall include a little background material and exposition.

Components of the Game

The MoveAct Code Game is composed of three card decks and this instruction book.

The three card decks are:

Each deck contains 72 cards. That is 72 Emotion Code cards, 72 Message Code cards, and 72 Animation Code cards. At the end of this book one can find a listing of the codes for each deck.

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