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About Rock Painting as a Work Line

Yes, Zen Rock Painting is here, and it’s incredible! You will have the best craft experience of your life, absolutely guaranteed or double your money back — the class is free, the materials are free and the table space is free. It costs us about a dollar to give away one painted rock, and the result is well worth it.

What happens when someone is confronted with “Paint a Rock”?

It varies, depending on the internal and external dialogues and conditions. In short, the very prospect of the simple act of painting a rock is seen as an enormous ego-threat.

“What if my painted rock is ugly?” they worry. All the worst aspects of internalizing and projection come out at this moment.

If there’s a conflict between a couple or between adult and child, it will come out now. This is the time when all neuroses get trotted out to block the possible fun experience.

They are unworthy, and they know it — they’ve been taught all their lives that not only are they not artists, but that art is crap, and that all artists are degenerate drains on society.

I’m here to put that lie to the test.

Live a little. Allow yourself some room to move. Cut yourself a little slack. Paint a rock.

You are about to see the whole gamut of human neuroses played out over the most inconsequential object in the whole universe — a rock.

A rock is a powerful ego-threat. What if you paint it WRONG??? What if you don’t paint it at all? What if you paint it and people laugh?

Maybe it’s best to start right at the bottom, at the Earth-Science Basics — okay, so what IS a rock, anyway???

A rock is what’s left over after a boulder gets crushed and crunched and worn down, and a boulder is what’s left of a cliff or a mountaintop.

In the river or exposed to any sort of weather at all over a period of millions of years, the rocks get worn down, blunted and feathered, all the way down to stones.

The stones get worn down to little pebbles, and the pebbles eventually become sand, which then goes to dust and from there, it’s all about molecules, which you can’t paint without special nanobrushes, which don’t exist here quite yet, but they’re on the way down the pike.

Everything, even rocks which last billions of years, gets ground down to dust sooner or later, and you will someday be happy that it does.

Basically, it’s what happens to anything in the universe, including your body and your sense of self, your local temporary human identity.

It ALL gets ground down into powder, and is eventually eaten by something and converted back into energy, which then is eaten by, and transformed by, other forms of life and matter.

The whole universe is recyclable, and don’t you forget it.

It’s not about what you take with you. You can’t take it with you, but you CAN send it on ahead.

It’s not what you do, it’s the company you keep.

It’s not what you can take way, but what you leave behind. Nothing you do will last for any length of time except the good you do and the good vibes you bring to life.

You have the opportunity to make the world a slightly less painful place, but you have to work at it really hard to make it stick.

Humans are very resistant to help.

One great ice-breaker is rock painting, and you have an opportunity to introduce this deep form of meditation into the life of human beings on Planet Earth.

The advantage of being here is to prepare yourself to move on to the next level, and you haven’t a whole lot of time to make that happen.

Your habits will carry you through, but they have to actually BE habits, not just something you tried once or twice, and that’s the benefit of the Guitar Practice — you get used to the discipline of working on self, one five-minute segment at a time.

Paint rocks — I’m prepared to give you several ideas, patterns and direct instruction where needed, and it will take your mind off the latest outrage and threat from Washington, North Korea or Iran. Please note that in my book, they equate as levels of threat to personal liberty and social freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, but not delivered by this administration.

As Groucho sings in “Duck Soup”, “It’s war, it’s war, we’re going to go to war” — but hey, take a look at this painted rock! Only ten bucks and it’s yours!

There are millions of possible designs, all based on the shape, size and surface of a given rock — there are simple designs and fancy designs, all of which you can do just by following my simple step-by-step directions.

  • BUG — Simple, easy to draw, can be metallic or glitter.
  • CROSS — Very popular, and can be used as a gaming marker.
  • PENTACLE — Five-pointed star has many interpretations and uses.
  • STAR OF DAVID — Six-pointed star has a number of different applications.
  • ENNEAGRAM — Simple figure to draw once you have the technique.
  • MOON & STAR — Thin crescent moon and five-pointed star in sky field.
  • BUDDHA — Simple face with one side filled in.
  • PIERROT FACE — Clownface from the Medieval Comedia del Arte.
  • SLEEPING WOMAN FACE — Can be used to raise funds for women’s causes.
  • ANKH — Very easy to draw and very popular with everyone.
  • LOVE — Four balloon-letters, easy to learn how, can be almost any word.
  • LANDSCAPE — Can be house & tree or complex cityscape.
  • STILL LIFE — Use your favorite still-life themes and reduce them to size.
  • FIGURE — Figure drawing simplified with a white background.
  • MASK — Study tribal masks from all over the world, then put on rocks.
  • SOUL PORTRAIT — Leave the face rock texture, paint background only.
  • PEACE SIGN — Help bring about Peace, at least Inner Peace & Tranquility.
  • MYSTIC EYE — Sacred Eye of Horus, the Uzat, Wedjet or Udjet of Egypt.
  • ATLANTEAN SYMBOL — The symbol of Ancient Atlantis is easy to learn.

There are thousands, millions, maybe even billions, of other ideas, all great, all worth doing, and it’s just a matter of getting hold of zillions of rocks, which on Earth should not be all that difficult.

Look around for rocks — I’m sure you’ll find them everywhere, once you’ve attuned yourself to the search.

You can send for special rocks from our Zen Garden, from the Ashram Stream, from the Gold Mine or the Gold Claim Stream or the River, both of which go through our 40 acre gold claim, and in my opinion, the stones, rocks and pebbles we get out of that stream and river bed are worth more than the gold, and I’ll explain why:

The gold is hard to sell — it’s impossible to get the full price of $1230.00 today — the most you’d get out of an ounce of gold, would be around $1100 if you knew a gold dealer well, otherwise figure on getting around $700 an ounce, leaving room for retail for the buyer.

An ordinary rock, on the other hand, if painted well, could bring much more from its cost base, which is the gas money you spent to get them and bring them back, plus the cost of a meal and some wear-and-tear on the car, although if you lease, who cares?

With all the distractions . . . you’d be lucky to be able to concentrate on anything, much less a complex painting, but rock painting is VERY therapeutic and VERY distracting, so you won’t have any trouble entering into a “FORGETTING” mode, going slightly Out-of-Phase with the organic world.

That’s the effect of rock painting, if done rightly. Just paint a rock and forget your worry, fear and tribulation.

If you can learn to keep your concentration into the rock, you will be able to block any worries, thoughts, fears, or stupidities.

It’s the stupid stuff that makes comedy routines, and frankly, that’s what I’m after. If the violence that erupts makes the Great Mother happy, I’m all for it, and you should be, too.

Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down — Illigitimati Non-Carborundum! Never let them see you sweat.

As Jesus said on the cross, “Don’t pray for me, boys, organize!!!” and that’s my battle-cry and no other. Organize. Have many rock painting parties. Invite anyone and everyone to paint a rock.

Don’t feel as if YOU are the TARGET, even if you are.

At the end of it all, you’ll have a few thousand painted rocks, which you can either keep, sell or send on ahead.

See my posted videos on youtube for all the details. click here to see the videos

Myself, I’d do all three. Keep the Faith!

See You At The Top!!!