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photo of DVD cover of Art as Healing

Art as Healing

with E.J. Gold

DVD153 2 Disks

Price: $39.95

Approx. 60 minutes

E.J. Gold invites students to open up to the universal force that is the artist. You don't have to be a great artist to make art. E.J. gives students guidelines on how to let the artist come through and know that what comes through you is the most healing of all energies.

Available as Instant Download

This video is available as instant download. The file format is MP4. The MP4 format can be played by most of the common video players.

Art as Healing

Instant (mp4) download $(19.95)

A shot of an art class from the summer of 2002 when this series of art classes was held in the barn every weekend.

About the Art Classes

Students came from as far as Switzerland, Italy and Canada to join IDHHB community members and local residents of the area all to enjoy exploring the world of painting with master artist E.J. Gold.

A common thread throughout E.J.'s art classes over his many years of teaching has been empowering people to give themselves permission to explore art freely without self doubt and judgement.

E.J. recently said in his morning Zoom meeting which is open to all community members and friends of the community:

"There's No bad art and No bad artists. It may not appeal to many people but it's not bad art. Art is neither good nor bad even if it fails to do what it set out to do. It does not convey the idea, but it does convey what it does convey. It's not bad art. It might not convey what you thought it was going to or should convey , but it conveys something. It can't be bad. Art is art. It's just art."