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Orb Deck

created by E.J. Gold completely handmade in studio

78 card full color deck with art by E.J. Gold

Price: $49

"This is a one-card-cut method of selecting Orbs to run!"

"The Orb deck. What a great idea. Which orb shall I run, is the the question of the day for the Prosperity Path voyagers. The Orb deck not only address the situations. It offers solutions. Shuffle and cut the deck holding your question/intention. That's the Orb for you at this time. is where you will find your solutions."

Tarot Decoded by E.J. Gold

You can learn to use the tarot as a tool of guidance, as a tool of initiation, self-revelation and self-study, because it is a tool for self-study. You can learn a lot about yourself, not by studying it, not fotune telling with it, but by using it as a revelatory tool, a tool that will help trigger off revelations for you, not that the tarot itself will anything to you. But it's a great triggering tool, and if it's used really well.if you have both the art and the will serve you well.

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