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The Movements Poster

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E.J. Gold uses the Movements postures to communicate higher states and beyond the brain concepts to both the spiritual dancers and the audience. The Movements are patterns and your body is actually an electrical pattern, an electrical field. It's an incredibly small one. And one of the points about this is that the Movements are very, very important, because those are ways of encapsulating and putting code in actually; it's like keystrokes. Each of those Movements postures is a keystroke, if you think of it that way. And so you have a structure that's patterned, and that is arranged differently for each keystroke. As it happens, there are 26 postures. The secret is not the postures them-selves, but the transitions between them. That's where the secret lies. How it happens is individual realization. It's called enlightenment.

This poster provides still images for each of the targeted postures. Many find it an essential reference for their beginning, intermediate or experienced practice. The photos of each posture serve as a mark or target for the practitioner.

The advanced students come to know that the transition between each posture is its own quest.

As a bonus, the eight basic postures of the Rhythmics are included in the last row. These, too, are essential for Movements practice, and like the Movements, there are layers within layers in this spiritual dance practice.