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Dancing Bird Kit

Price: $10.00

Finding the leg stones and wing stones for this figure is on the tough side, and they are rare, so the price is a little higher, the availability is a LOT less, and the outcome and desirability of the piece are really good - it's worth the extra couple of bucks.

You make the LEGS first, at an angle anywhere from 37 degrees to 45 degrees off the axis. Let them dry and cure for about five or ten minutes, and while you're waiting, you can glue the feet onto the hardwood base.

Don't worry about extra drops or threads - they come off really easily when you're done, or you can leave them on for that "cobwebbed" effect, great for Halloween or other party favors.

If it's a nametag party piece, you can put the name on the top of the hardwood base, and sign the base underneath as usual.

Glue the legs to the feet, allow to cure for a few minutes, then add the wings and head and you're done.

It's a bit tricky to get the pieces to stay together. It helps to wiggle them slightly when placing one rock against another, then hold it firmly in place without moving for about half a minute while the hot glue sets up.

Never idly play with the hot glue unless you want your fingers to remain stuck together for the next several decades.

Just kidding - you can get the stuff off, but it DOES hurt if you burn yourself with the glue or the glue-gun tip. BE CAREFUL