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Bem Face Kit

Price: $5.00

The very first kit is the BEM, which stands for Bug-Eyed Monster. In the 1930s and 40s, every sci fi pulp thriller magazine had to have a slick color cover featuring a scantily-clad female human being ogled, fondled, stroked or hauled around under the armpit by a wild and scary alien, generally of the green variety.

Of course every single one of these characters gets his or her very own name. The maker is the one who names them, in general, although sometimes the shop staff gets to do the honors.

You glue the eyes on first - they go higher than you'd ordinarily suppose - then drop some glue in a short stripe below and between the eyes and place the nose just in the slot between the eyeballs.

Next, use your MP-1 Black Pen to outline the eyeballs and teeth, and to draw in the mouth line.

You'll want to use your MP-1 White pen to paint in the eyeballs and teeth. Be sure to really "crowd in" the white right up to the black line, but not over it or across it.

Sign the back, glue the face onto a base or glue a bail loop onto the piece if it's thin enough to be wearable - no more than a quarter-inch thick in most cases.

A really good size for a pendant is about half an inch to an inch and a half, depending on the weight and heft of the stone.

Earrings require a much smaller and lighter stone. BEMs don't lend themselves easily to the earring mode, but make great bookends, paper-weights and miniature statuary.