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Drawing as a Work Line

Look here for a collection of books that can help you start and then continue along your drawing path.

An amazing array of video tutorials and class assignments for drawing. Inspiration and guidance found throughout.

A year or so after I retired I became aware of an inter active online drawing course due to start in August of 2014. Given by Dr. Christiane Wolters (Dokgoth), it was based on artist E.J. Gold’s “Draw Good Now” teachings, given as an online class while Mr. Gold conducted his in-person art classes.

This weekly art hour which used a technique known as Pencil Magic was inspired by the “Draw Good Now” series by E.J. Gold and a letter Kurt Vonnegut wrote to students – practically imploring them to do art – "to grow their soul.”

I loved the course and was drawing faithfully everyday - at least for 5 minutes and often longer. This had become a "work practice" for me. I've continued this practice. In 2015 or2016, E.J. Gold began to incorporate "art classes" in his morning daily broadcasts at least one day a week sometimes more. They typically consisted of an art challenge with carefull instructions, designed, I think, to broaden the skills and creativity of the art student. I made it my practice to both record these classes and re-transmit them to others who were interested in this path. Through these gentle but persistent daily and weekly practices I found myself growing as an artist, eventually standing on my own feet and following my own path (but that's another story :) ) -- J.H.