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I have been trying to astral project for almost eleven years and I had no success. I have used so many devices that said I would project for sure, but they were all BS. I want to know why should I believe you that this would work. This site is like other sites that I bought so any devices and they never worked at all. What can you tell me that is different from other products that say the same things that you claim.


The devices are assisting factors. The real work of astral projecting comes from you. The devices can be looked at as something that just helps make it a little easier.

Rather than buying yet another device, I would recommend that you try working with EJ Gold's method for a short while and see if you start to get hints of result. If you are getting hints of a good result, then you can consider getting the amulet or headband. But start with

the training method first.

The training method consists of a book and target cards.

The book is ASTRAL PROJECTION MADE EASY by EJ Gold. It is $24.95 The target cards are $75.

I'm sure if you ask we can get you some kind of discount on the cards and book as a combination.

If I may also make another suggestion. There is a chance that if you set smaller goals for yourself that you can make your way into astral projection through a course of small steps.

Also I would like to suggest the possibility of supplementing your astral projection exercises with the running of Prosperity Path Orbs. Many people have reported excellent gains in their astral projection work after running these orbs. They are very inexpensive (less than a dollar) and easy to run. Take a look at


In Practical Work on Self what is he referring to when he states 'the machine' I'm currently disecting the first chapter and just want a better understanding. Any information would greatly be appreciated.


A good working definition of "the machine" is the mind, body, emotions and instinctive center. The machine part of you is composed of organic molecules, water, DNA, protein, hair, muscle, gristle, bone, memory, instinct, reactions, training from your parents, tribe, circumstance, etc. Everything that comes with being a slightly evolved hairless ape of the planet Earth.

I think you will find that the book Human Biological Machine as a Transformation Apparatus will give you a good look at this issue. It may also outline the attitude of appreciation and respect that is appropriate to have toward the machine.

The distinction is not between lower (mundane) and higher (sacred). The machine has an important roll in this spiritual adventure we are on. It is not wise to allow its hungers to rule you. And it is also unwise to ignore its contribution.


Thank you for responding to my question so promptly and giving me a full understanding of what the machine is. The book you suggested (HBM) will definitely be the next one I read. One thing I need is discipline towards the macine and that might help me with that.

I had one more question, can you explain the headbrain and tailbrain. To my assumptions the headbrain could possibly be the physical brain but then I'm not quite sure what the tailbrain is. If I am incorrect please inform me. I want to understand this piece of literature to the fullest extent.


"Discipline" can have a meaning of punishment. Like "discipline a child for being bad". That kind of thing. I think it might be better if you used a formulation based on "will". The exercise of one's higher will can be a gentle and friendly interaction with the machine. Whereas using discipline on the machine does not sound as friendly. Just an observation on how words work. Very likely you meant no such connotation. By the way. Ask about "Borrowing Will" sometime later. It can be very helpful. But not everything can be addressed at once. :)

About Head Brain and Tail Brain:

You are quite correct about the "head brain" being related to the physical brain that most folks know about. The one in your cranium.

The "tail brain" is an physical plexus of nerve cells found in an area near the lower part of the spine -- near the tail bone.

Something that you will encounter much later in your studies will discuss the role of the tail-brain in the activation of the higher emotional center. I mention this now for two reasons: 1) just so you know to watch for this discussion later, 2) it is not too early to begin exercises designed to enliven and strengthen the function of this brain.

The single most effective exercise I know of for activating and strengthening the tail-brain is "The Popcorn Exercise."

EJ made a DVD a few years ago that is an excellent introduction to the exercise. Very practical and easy to follow along.

I believe it is $24.95. You can always ask folks in sales about the particulars.