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Invisibility Workshop

Invisibility Workshop

3 CD set

Prod.ID: CDT273

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This workshop explores basic issues of Being and Nothingness in a powerfully practical and extremely experiential fashion. It accomplishes this by framing it under the subject of invisibility and immediately gives the secret of invisibility as, “The living won’t see the dead. Not can’t see, but won’t.” This little nugget of wisdom is from Beetlejuice — a must see classic bardo video.

Mr. Gold opens a door to Bardo spaces by presenting the conclusion that — you must be dead to be invisible. The key is given as, “In order to be dead you have to be, at least, ‘as if’ not here at all. It has to be a world without you, a world in which you do not exist. As long as there’s a crumb of ego, you can’t be invisible. But as soon as you can see a world that you do not exist in, a world in which you are not, that’s your crossover point — the world in which you don’t exist, that’s the first place you’ll be existing. Until then, you ‘as if’ exist.”

Enigmatic as this may sound, it becomes even more enigmatic upon listening to the entire workshop. However, clues and exercises are given for a lifetime of follow-up work. — Oz Fritz