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Bardo Stations: How to Use the Book

by E.J. Gold

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E.J. Gold discusses with Claude Needham and the core group how to use the book Bardo Stations -- a blueprint or map of the Bardos. Specific viewpoints are offered to hold and examine as one reads the book and notates impressions on the "Notes" pages.

The reader can start connecting up to the between-lives state and start breaking down the barrier put in place by organic life. Everything in life wants you to be responding to that which is of the body -- basically survive, transform food to pooh. If you assign too much significance to this you will lose the ability to find the more important things. The Bardos are like many dimensions, alternative realities, that you thread your way through.

Comparisons are drawn between the Bardos and situations arising in Bardo Safaris with suggestions on how to learn from these experiences.