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Bardo Stations by E.J. Gold

Bardo Stations

A Guidebook for the Afterlife

by E.J. Gold

Prod.ID: bk109

Price: $49.95

A unique self-help reference book for the AfterLife. Describes one hundred thirty-one Bardo Stations to assist the AfterLife Voyager in selecting rebirth -- an accurate method of intentional reincarnation.

"The only book you'll ever need in the Afterlife." -- Nadija Szram, B.Ed., Spec.Ed.

"Who would have thought there were Cheats, Codes and Strategies for the Afterlife." -- Claude Needham, Ph.D

"I can't wait to get into the Bardos to try this stuff out." -- Christiane Wolters, M.D.

"Takes the guesswork out of higher rebirth." -- Nancy Christie, B.M., M.M.

"The owner's manual for the soul." -- Jewel McInroy, M.S.W.

"Changed my death forever." -- Wayne Hoyle, B.S.E.E.

"I hope I can find this book in my next life." -- Ann Victoria Hopcroft, B.A., J.D.

"Assumed my dreams were my own until I read about them in this book." -- Rose Gander, M.D.V.,D.D.

"The chill of recognition." -- Iven Lourie, M.F.A., author/editor

"Mortuaries should put a copy of this book in every coffin." -- Lee Perry, M.S.

"A book to die for." -- Richard Hart, Ph.D.

"Best book on the subject ever published." -- Patricia Elizabeth, D.D.