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What People Are Saying...

I loved this last workshop even though I missed some of the classes but I really enjoyed what I could attend. I built an armchair, some walls, a table... and could be in touch with many friends in work. I am looking forward to learning more about building and to working together. PVA has brought Home to home. Thanks to everyone who is making possible. -- C.S. Spain

"Please convey my gratitude to E.J. for his immense gift to humanity in making the urthgames available to help us on our paths. They've helped me so much already, and I can't believe how fortunate we all are to have access to such tools for transformation. I hope I can express my thanks in person some day soon.

Warmest wishes and pranams, M.

I received this email from a friend. It's how I came to try it. Tried one and liked it so ordering the whole shabang!

Dear Friends,

I want to let you know about an amazing find I had last Friday when looking at the website of a spiritual Teacher here in California.

You know when we visit a church or temple, the simple sincere act of being there bestows a blessing. Well, now there is a way to access great spiritual blessings by entering into a computer simulation.

Years ago, there was a website which allowed you to do "virtual pujas", and you could really feel the blessings when you offered virtual flowers, virtual incense, a virtual camphor flame, etc. to the divine image of choice.

With the current world infatuation with all things digital, a Teacher by the name of E.J. Gold has recently put together a series of computer spiritual video games which bestow palpable and transformational blessings. If you are energy sensitive, you will probably feel the effect soon after beginning a game.

When I first came back from India, I spent a lot of time at the ashram of another spiritual Teacher here in the U.S. who I regarded very highly, Mr. Lee Lozowick. He told great story after story about E.J. Gold, and often said that he considered E.J. his "mentor"! E.J. Gold is the author of many books, including the "American Book of the Dead". He doesn't try to attract students outwardly - as a matter of fact, anyone chancing on his website would probably turn away due to is cheesy appearance. This he does intentionally, I believe, to discourage all but the serious and sensitive inquirers into his Work.

So... Here is the link to the website from which you can download and begin to experience the power of these video 'games'. Look into the various titles and try out one or two. (F1 is your help key) If you resonate with them, great, if not they are only 99 cents a download and you may receive a blessing in disguise ;-).

Warm regards,

"Thank you so much, E.J., for all your brings so much consciousness to our lives...I really appreciate it!"


Hello, Yanesh!

I was given your name by G., whom I know from Facebook, and a small healing group we're in together. I'm greatly interested in becoming a distributor for Yoyodyne

Although I'm not a student of E.J. Gold's (however, my boyfriend, M., was for some time), I have a long history of practice in Vajrayana Buddhism, Sufism, and some experience with the Diamond Approach. I currently am working with an off-the-grid vibrational healer to complete my past karma in this lifetime.

G. has loaned me two of the products . the Prosperity and Slipstream amulets. during this very stressful period in my life, and I must say, once I got them, I went from being skeptical to a "true believer" in less than an hour. The products dropped me down to zero point in that time, and they've been helping to smooth out resistance and "hold the field" for me since. I'm very impressed, and would like to make this technology available to more people.

Please advise on the process for becoming a distributor. Thank you.

Best regards,


The ICW is an integral source of support and guidance for me.

-- S.B

Thanks for the Inner Circle Workshop today it was fantastic and and brilliant online. -- B.T California

Was truly wonderful to feel the presence of the Institute and EJ's teachings so immediately in our own home last weekend. We felt connected again, as if we had been down to Calif. Was rejuvenating and inspiring, to get moving on working with the Work more. -- Mary D., Nelson, BC

"Dear E.J.

I was a student of yours in the early 1970s. My group spent time with you at Crestline and in New York City. Those were the days of Al-Wahshi and .The Spiritual Science of DNA. Although my time with you was brief, you have been and continue to be a major influence in my life.

When I think back to those days, I remember a few things that you helped me with. I was a shy girl in a bad relationship that I couldn.t find my way out of. In fact, all of my relationships up until that point had always been the same. One day you approached me and showed me an illustration from a book on Egyptian symbolism. Duarte, the hippopotamus, and Sebek, the crocodile, were swimming together - Duarte swam behind Sebek holding his tail in her mouth. Without going into detail, that simple image turned one small part of my life around.

I remember washing the dishes one morning in the Crestline kitchen, humming to myself absentmindedly. You approached me and told me to stop humming, to pay attention to what I was doing . to be here now. To this day, when I do the dishes I am totally focused (when I eat, too.)

The most important thing you did for me came after my group left Crestline and returned to New York. I attended a group meeting and you were there. When I entered the room, you looked at me and said, .You still here?. It was all I need to hear. It was time for me to leave the group and do my own work. You knew that. I just needed a little nudge. always been grateful to you for letting me go. Like Duarte, I probably would have hung on forever.

I am 64 years old now and I am still reaping the benefits of having known you. I am enjoying your art, your music, your books, your posts, and some of your Facebook friends. I am greatly comforted knowing that you are still here, doing what you always do, helping one idiot at a time.

Thank you, E.J., for all you do. You have made a difference to me and to so many people. The world is a far better place because of your presence.

All the best to you.

With gratitude and deep respect,



In responding to a question about "does E.J. talk in detail anywhere about entities sucking our blood," I did a search on:

However, I didn't search under the terms Chief Feature or Moment of Freedom. These terms also deal with the same concept -- "Chief Feature is the one that gets it all ..." from a 4th way folk song summarizing the human condition. Most of our life is compelled by entities from not such high planes, like the astral, that feed on us because we habitually run emotional

Talks on Moment of Freedom and Prayer Absolute and the book The Hidden Work present solutions to this human condition -- a reciprocal feeding, that is to say, our invisible addiction to our states, our mental

Last October, at the Prayer Absolute workshop, E.J. made several things clear. You can use almost whatever (he used "passion for") to make rayer Absolute. He was encouraging the use of making music. In act, he got everyone in the room involved in the making of music. No matter the form, Prayer Absolute has to do with collecting energy and ending it up to the Absolute. Doing this with intention adds potency.

This brings me to mentioning and encouraging you to come to the Ishtar Festival over Easter, this year (note the absence of the word workshop). E.J. seems to be encouraging his students to make music. He doesn't say anything about the need to be a musician. He's always starting from "square one" -- the purity.

I encourage you to come and bring your alembic (udu) drum and

I am reminded that our path to the Work only begins with our education with the ideas (and E.J. has given us an extensive map -- many ideas -- along with many practical tools, one of which is utilizing groups to work at penetrating the veil) and slowly (ever so slowly, in my experience) evolves to the doing of the inner work every day -- making the inner active (offering prayer up) and the outer passive (quieting the Beta-Brain

I shall end this verbosity now with a heartfelt invitation to you to come to the Ishtar Festival and experience perhaps a different set of doorways to the real world.

All the best,


Grant: "Tremendous growth experience."

Doug: "The group dynamic was beyond anything I have experienced."

Jaz: "The extra mission was off the hook, it was like an acid trip."

Tom S. "Best experience of a different dimension."

James: "Good fun. Was extraordinary and familiar all at the same time. Some of this stuff I have been doing for years. This was the first time I had the opportunity to experience it with a group."

Jim D.: "Precious and dangerous -- you know, like boogey man danger." "It was shocking to see how long E.J. has been working toward making this adventure available. I can see the threads stretching back 30 years, all leading up to this moment."

Tom D.: "Glad to see how group work in Diablo® has come to fruition."

Glen: "Finally after experiencing an Afterlife Adventure with E.J. one on one face to face in the Bardo NOW I understand what he has been trying to tell me all these years."

Lily: "A tremendous intensity of the experience .... A powerful and full felt strongly connectedness for weeks afterward to the space. I find that I am still able to project myself back into that incredibly exciting and electric space. I feel that I was able to establish a Beach-head and am able to access it. I am really glad I went and would like to go again. I got much more than my moneys worth! I was amazed at the amount of energy I came back with. It's like something was unlocked."

Lee: "My experience was not in the realm of daily language so I find it difficult to talk about but I got very highly energized and I noticed that my new energy had a lot of clarity to it. I was really grateful for the training we got before going into the gaming spaces. I felt so supported!"

Dave: "This was something far beyond anything I thought I would experience in this work!"

Oz: "This is one of the most valuable experiences I have had with E.J. and I work with him regularly."

JJ: "I believe that the voyage through the Afterlife Adventure with E.J. has a real transformative effect. I truly hope that anyone who wants this experience has a chance to have it. It is fun and it is serious. It was a glowing, growing opportunity that I am very grateful to have experienced."

Ricardo: "The work we did at the Afterlife Adventure has been extremely helpful both in my personal work and my work with the group. I feel like this is like a 10 year short cut for my personal work. I am very grateful."

Susan: "It made ordinary life never the same."

After Life Adventure Participants

Thank You ... for for the workshop thing. I know you're likely telepathic as well and a mastermind behind the whole shebang but I also think you might enjoy the occasional good ghost note.

Soooo, the weekend worked it's magic, aaand Blasted some good holes in me! Especially the finale concert Monday night where the band incorporated those childrens rhymes. --MC Canada

You probably saw that I ended up ordering the Magic in the Mirror dvd right away. Quite a lot of material to be working with!

I'm having a good time with the Prosperity Path orbs. I have coached a couple of runs, and it's been a rewarding experience.

I learned so much from Karma Con, and I'm really pleased that I took part. I was astonished by the way that EJ and Claude demonstrated coaching. I learned a huge amount from noticing the way that Claude offered seemingly endless patience while being firm and direct. I'm not sure that I've seen a coach provide such a supporting presence before, and it was a very touching demonstration for me. His explanation that a heated moment is not the appropriate time for a confrontation, and EJ's description of why failure shouldn't affect confidence, are lessons I've thought of frequently since the conference.


A. B. -- U.K.

From recent email...

Hello Everyone!


  1. Helena & I agree with E.J.'s remark that the matrix "pulses" -- as they sat on our coffee table Friday night, I could feel emanations . . . I was so tired that evening I fell asleep on the couch at 5pm. Helena went to bed at 6pm. I awoke a few times and felt that I was in a slightly different space . . . or, rather, the space was slightly different. The light and mood was altered. Eventually, both of us awoke some hours later.
  2. The Tantric Matrix sits on a window ledge above our bed, while the trainer is on our alter. I bought a Smart phone and got my first cell phone account. At night, I charge the cell in front of it.
  3. I've noticed a few "out of myself" experiences this week during my teaching. I hear my voice as if it is someone else. I can't hang out there very long . . . it's uncomfortable -- and I feel strange hearing my voice from that perspective . . . like I am too naked in the space . . . and I don't want to have that moment in front of that particular class . . . so, I shy away from it.


The responses and suggestions from the Public Trainer App are often funny or surprising. It gives one the impression of "real-time intelligence" coming from it. It leaves me with the idea that maybe there were real people typing out answers and suggestions at the other end. (Or, at least, smart monkeys, or extremely lucky ones . . . hehe. ;)

I think it's important for Matrix users to remember to "include themselves in the picture" with inward-seeking attention when doing the Trainer exercises (as mentioned by .J. last ICW regarding getting view from outside the organic).


Hi Guys,

Mmm . . . so yesterday, I used the sample trainer . . . . I wish XXXXX to be more aware of me, more attentive to me, more in love with me, happier with me, content with me, want to be with me." And input my wife's name in there . . . XXX . . . sort of thinking that's cute . . . .

But you know what? It WORKED!!! There was a marked change in her attitude towards me!

Anyway, thought I would pass that on . . . my mind just goes . . . Wait . . . hold on . . . what . . . no way . . . how could that be . . . ?

L8rzs, I have to get ready for work!


(Seems a little personal, so I thought I'd leave out the names

Today I was undecided about a particular subject. I went to Matrix. Because of the Matrix response, I was able to relax about the indecision. I find it remarkable how right on the responses are every time I have experimented with it in the past. This morning was different, though. I found myself at Matrix looking for help . . . and I feel that I got it!


Mary N., Grass Valley, CA:

Some days I didn't use the loops to dance or walk to because I enjoy Latin music and those are fun to dance and walk to also. However, I watched ESD III last night and just watching it on my tv in a horizontal position, I started getting energized -- without doing anything. And it was one of the exact energies that I experience during the Sunday morning workshops. So now I am totally sold on dancing/walking to the loops. And I would like to have them all because they seem to have different flavors.

Lorrie T., Penn Valley, CA:

This morning, I started doing the movements again -- I had stopped doing them for a while to concentrate on the ESD and to my utter surprise, I found that this machine moved more fluidly and lightly than it ever has before. I felt very balanced. More than I've felt in years.

Althea R., Nevada City, CA:

It's like I've come back from the dead. I was so sick just a year ago, with very acute episodes mixed in throughout the year, and now, I forget that I even have a chronic illness. And I attribute this to ESD on Sunday mornings. It happened exponentially in a matter of a few weeks. I am very grateful.

Jim W., Grass Valley, CA:

Thank you so much for helping to restore the quality of my life.

Leila S., Los Angeles, CA:

As a professional dancer, I have been involved in improvisational movement for many years. I have explored the myriad expressions of my own body and found freedom through the harmony that comes when we connect our bodies to music. I now appreciate how much comes into play when we dance and what opportunities therein lie. As soon as we commit to be with our body in space, we begin to connect our hearts, our senses, our energies, and ourselves to one another and to God. My experience with ESD is that it activates the central nervous system in such a way as to stimulate the reorganization of our inner lives and to guide the practitioner into deeper meditation with the primal elements of consciousness. It is an open door that welcomes all manner of being.

In the last few days in my life, have had a few moments of actual enjoyable easeful-ness, for the first time in many many many years. I have to even engage a bit of extra attention and will to surrender into it, rather than reverting to my habitual 'story', because its such an almost foreign experience.

I attribute it largely to the last two workshops and the Prosperity Path Remedy Orbs, and I'm guessing a certain amount of Grace given by EJ.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Am also realizing a bit more deeply that the ICW's are not so much talks as they are transmissions.

Thanks and Happy Trails to all,


You probably saw that I ended up ordering the Magic in the Mirror dvd right away. Quite a lot of material to be working with!

I'm having a good time with the Prosperity Path orbs. I have coached a couple of runs, and it's been a rewarding experience.

I learned so much from Karma Con, and I'm really pleased that I took part. I was astonished by the way that EJ and Claude demonstrated coaching. I learned a huge amount from noticing the way that Claude offered seemingly endless patience while being firm and direct. I'm not sure that I've seen a coach provide such a supporting presence before, and it was a very touching demonstration for me. His explanation that a heated moment is not the appropriate time for a confrontation, and EJ's description of why failure shouldn't affect confidence, are lessons I've thought of frequently since the conference.


A. B. -- U.K.