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photo of vial of magnetic water

Magnetic Water

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1 vial

For many centuries, at least as far back as Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman times in the West, the Indus Valley, Lung-Shan and Shao-Tung times in the East, magnetic water has been prepared and used both as a spirit-building tonic and as a banishing element by certain initiates.

Nobody really knows why it has the spiritual effects that it seems to possess, but it has been in continual use for over 30,000 years, and was still in use during Gurdjieff's time; many reports of his activities include the fact that he used it to give spiritual assistance to his students who were experiencing a variety of spiritually based problems.

Magnetic water is prepared within a very powerful magnetic field. In ancient times, this was supplied by meteoritic material and terracized material -- Magnetite, FeO-Fe2O3, known commonly as Lodestone.

Today we use stacks of far more potent rare earth magnets for its preparation. Contrary to popular belief and urban legend, it is not recommended as a mineral eliminator -- this is a modern myth that has no basis in scientific fact, and drinking large amounts of de-mineralized or distilled water regardless of how it is prepared is not considered good for the body.

Magnetic water is not intended for the treatment of any disease or disorder. Its use is strictly spiritual in nature. Only one drop is used in a clean glass of good pure ordinary drinking water, taken at your own discretion, at about sunrise and again at sunset. It can also be used in a sprinkle or atomizer diffuser to purify and cleanse a space that is contaminated by unwanted restless spirits or entities, by adding a single drop into a reservoir of ordinary drinking water, then sprayed into the atmosphere of a room, about four sprays for each 800 square feet of floor area.

It is also very useful as a counter-active agent for extreme paranormal activity by spraying on either side of your outer doorways, and in any space that exhibits "cold spots" or negative paranormal activity.

Used as a personal psychic defense, it can be annointed onto pulse points as you would a perfume, essential oil or cologne, behind the ears, on the neck, etc.

No physical or medical claims whatever are made for magnetic water. It is strictly a spiritual tool, as is Holy Water and wine used in the Catholic Mass, the wine used in Jewish ritual, the Holy Water used in Hindu practices and it is, in fact, the Holy Water used in many spiritual paths throughout the world, along with Prasad, also called Holy Food, the use of which is also strictly spiritual, as is the Host in the Catholic Mass ritual, and the Passover meal and Sabbath foods. There is in fact no religion that does not in some way advocate the use of spiritual fluids and foods, which extends all the way to church bake sales, toasts at New Year's, and girl scout cookies.

When traveling, I always make certain to take a vial of mag water with me, especially on Reno Runs and other AfterLife Adventures. I use it when exploring with the Beacon and when performing Magic-for-Life at hospitals, hospices and homeless shelters.

-- E.J. Gold