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May, 2021 Bardo Buzz (03-05)

The Joy of Sacrifice

Secrets of the Sufi Way E. J. Gold

Life of Arrogance

To make this sacrifice one does everything as if one already knows everything and has nothing to learn. Many are already making this difficult sacrifice, but a little too soon"¦

One gives unwanted and unasked for advice to others continually, ridicules and doubts everyone and everything, even while protesting innocence. One always and in everything takes the superior attitude.

One behaves as the "Keeper of Integrity" for all others. Taking no real part in the actions, one observes the others who keep the rituals and then later critiques them for "right" and "wrong" actions.

At this stage, one is first in all things -- one may take as large and special portion as one wishes during meals and one may always have one's way over the will of another student during a confrontation.

One may, at this time, do whatever one wishes during the day, taking part or not taking part in obligatories, household duties, community work or any other work of the school. If one does undertake a task at this stage, it must be as a supervisor and not as a worker. One may not "soil one's hands" at menial toil, even if before one had been a ranch hand or worker in a boiler factory.

One is now treated as an "honored guest", Elisha, and is shown deep respect and humility by the others. One is always right in every matter and another may not point out "errors" about one, even by inflection, tone, gesture, expression or inner emotions.

to be continued...


by Barbara Haynes

During this last month, I've been revisiting the The Chronic Workshop (cdt112 & cdt113) archive talk. There I found a great exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere, any place. No one will ever know you are doing a spiritual practice and it will definitely strengthen your attention. Following is a transcription of the exercise E.J. gave during the workshop.

"Get a grasp on the totality of the posture of the machine.

Notice the dominant sensation.

Notice the machine mood / emotion.

Is the machine attentive to something?

Is it thinking about something?

Is it aware of anything?

Is it seeing anything?Is it hearing anything?

As it listens, pay more attention to

the machine listening than to the sounds.

Come inward -- never mind what the sounds are. Simply be aware of the machine listening to the sounds.

Is there any temperature in the room? Does the skin notice any temperature? Be aware the temperature is being constantly monitored by the skin.

Any thoughts occurring? Be aware of thoughts / no thoughts.

Be aware of any images coming through or not.

Look at the machine and all its functions as well as you can at this moment.

This is not observation. This is attention. Observation is observing something particular.

This is placing attention.

If nothing happens when this is done, it is not the attention you want."

One of the workshop attendees indicated they felt like laughing as they were doing this exercise.

E.J. responded, "Ironic laughter is a sign the waking state is being approached."

I hope you find this exercise as delightful and useful as I do.

Samadhi Tank Photo from Glenn Perry, Floating In Quiet Darkness: Samadhi II

Tanks for the Memories

by Dr. John Lilly & E.J. Gold

-- excerpt by T. Jones


Now, if you uncover the mystery of this universe, why it is, and if you backtrack it to find out how it was produced, you still are not going to be able to blow this universe out of existence, because you didn't do it alone -- we all did it. That's why you very often will hear that you're not going anywhere until we all go. That's why the Bodhisattvas, the Arhats and the Sufis, they don't go anywhere; the Buddha's right, no one goes anywhere until we all go. That's basically true; however, you can visit other universes and you can become free of this one, but you may not leave this universe permanently until everyone is able to leave it permanently. However, that doesn't mean you have to be continually stuck in this universe, and it doesn't mean that you have to be subject to it, a slave to it. You can discover how to use this universe, how to work with it, how to make it work for you. The basic discovery is that we are not here because the universe is here, but the universe is here because we are. If you understand that, then we've got half the problem solved.

Now let's take a look at the Samadhi Tank. Remember that when you're in the tank, you are in your own universe, you are not in the shared universe, and therefore, anything you decide is true or becomes true as you decide it more and more. The more certainly you decide, the more true it becomes. You can create an entire universe within that space and as you create it, pay attention to how you're creating it, and you will learn how this universe is created.


by Michele Marie

To contemplate our situation as the Man on the Cross is to offer our love through prayer to the Absolute, to God, to the divine within all of life. This is Prayer Absolute, a prayer of contemplation, and ultimately, of giving from the heart through a life of service.

More specifically, the method of Prayer Absolute is a sequence of contemplations designed to fulfill our work obligation to help the Absolute. The purpose of this prayer of contemplation is to activate the principle of resonance, to bring ourselves into an elevated state, to act as a lightning rod and consciously ascend to the cross, momentarily alleviating the suffering of the Absolute through atonement -- at-one-ment.

You can use the image "Man on the Cross" as a tool to initiate your own transformation, along with these Six Contemplations aroused in this specific sequence:

1. Contemplate the vision of the world through the eyes of the Man on the Cross.

2. Activate a feeling of pity for the suffering of the Absolute, at the same time allowing yourself to be lifted up to the highest dimension voluntarily taking the place of the Being of the Absolute.

3. Activate a yearning to take the place of the Absolute on the Cross.

4. Try to realize your own ignorance; we really do not know what it feels like subjectively to suffer as the Absolute suffers.

5. Immerse yourself in the sensation of helplessness as you remain in eternal fixation upon the Cross.

6. Feel a sense of communion as you partake in the mystery of helping the Absolute

Lifting The Veil

by Jewel McInroy

The veil between the Phenomenal and Nonphenomenal world is particularly thin at Easter time and other times* throughout the year, giving us access to higher states and dimensions, providing an opportunity to give our Work efforts a boost. This situation, coupled with our own necessity, can give us access to never-before experienced realizations and knowledge. It's helpful to write down these realizations as they act as portals to the non-phenomenal, enabling one to reaccess the higher space and embrace the directions presented there. By entering into that world, we operate under different laws and conditions. Options present themselves to us which are not available in the material world.

I found the text below, which was read in the ashram at the most recent Sunday morning reading, to be particularly awesome and inspiring. (The italics are mine)

"When man recognizes himself as the spirit which is the Clear Shining Void, he frees himself from all fear, sin, suffering or confusion and spiritual darkness.

"He is not subject to the dictates of time and space because he is spirit which creates time and space and gives it its power and existence.

"For him there is no difference between himself as the experiencer of the world and himself as the creator of the world.

"His spirit motivates the world and makes the world real or unreal according to his wishes. "

Ninth Sunday Sermon, American Book of the Dead Guidebook by E.J. Gold

* see the chapter, Brother Judas (the Compassionate Betrayal) in the Lost Works of EJ Gold

"Swing Shift," E.J. Gold, ink wash availabe as a print on Arches Rives BFK 100% rag paper in a signed and numbered edition.


Reaching Out for Help -- April 2021 Journal Entry

by Marvette Kort

The vision of the machine in the momentum of mechanicality spreads before my eyes.

Sensing the forward propelled motion of my awareness through moments of time, I feel powerless.

There must be some help available to release the grip that this conveyor belt has on my machine.

Please, there's no need to play out this well-worn-out routine -- I've had enough!

Nearby is my phone that I am able to pick up and navigate to YouTube to hear E.J.'s voice delivering the Clear Light prayer.

The Quantum Magic Video channel is just a few swipes away.

E.J. Gold's voice combined with hearing the prayer creates a life raft back to the present.

Here, I"ˆhave a place to be to set my next intention.

Remembering Zen Basics, I choose to take a more active role in the situation.

When carrying out the audio instruction, I engage my attention and follow the machine, moving my hand to touch the rock placed before me.

In case of no physical rocks, one option is to substitute with 3 objects that one can place your hand and attention on.

Zen Basics furthers the process of centering and shifting the focus to a voluntary participation in the present moment.

A wave of gratitude begins to arise as I flashback on what just happened.

I put into action the closest available keys to unsnap from the machine momentum.

And with the release of the Blessings USB Wallet Card, I will have in one place a large dose of help from E.J. to address these types of chambers in which I was snapped.

I can only share my enthusiasm at this time for the contents listed below of what's on the USB wallet card.

Blessings USB Wallet Card files:
Black and White .jpg of E.J. Gold delivering The Clear Light Blessing at the Clear Light Temple in Crestline, California, circa 1975.
Sepia tone .jpg of E.J. Gold delivering The Clear Light Blessing at the Clear Light Temple in Crestline, California, circa 1975.
MP4 image with fading words "Blessings to You" of E.J. Gold delivering The Clear Light Blessing at the Clear Light Temple in Crestline, California, circa 1975.
MP3 E.J. Gold chanting
MP3 E.J. Gold reciting The Clear Light Prayer
MP3 E.J. Gold reciting the Meditation for Pushing Away The Womb Door.
MP3 E.J. Gold reciting Prayer for Completion in the Real World
MP3 E.J. Gold reciting the Prayer of Merging Into at-one-ment With the Void
Godd Games Blessing Orb for use on Windows PC
MP4 Blessing Orb Quantum Magic Video (You'll find more Quantum Magic Videos on the Quantum Magic Video YouTube Channel)

Best wishes to all those striving to work, and to work for the Work, and to those making efforts to be able to be a vehicle for the Work.