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April, 2021 Bardo Buzz (03-04)

The Joy of Sacrifice

Secrets of the Sufi Way E. J. Gold

Life of Passivity

Now one learns to give up control of one's ordinary manifestations such as "fidgeting" physically, mentally and emotionally, but one must also give up all control of others, of the environment, of attempts to influence others through action, drama or emotional ploys. One must give up all imaginary powers in order to achieve even a small measure of freedom

To make the sacrifice of control, one allows all one's actions to be directed by another who is responsible for one during this stage.

This includes all actions, waking or sleeping. Even one's toilet must be guided to some degree by another. One behaves as if totally helpless and unable to do even the smallest thing. One allows another to guide one in everything until the desire for control dies away.

One is carried on a litter to obligatories, and allowed to take part only passively. One eats and drinks in the same way, and makes no choice even by sign of preferences about food, drink, action, rest or areas to which one may be taken during the day,

When one emerges from the Corridor of Madness, one will be left helpless as a newborn babe, except that one will be able to do only those things which one is able to do with one's muscles -- but these abilities in the muscles must be habitual with one. If one has not prepared oneself with handcrafts, movements and mime, one must be prepared to accept this temporary condition of utter helplessness.

Why should one prepare in this way if one is now making muscle preparations with handicrafts and movement? Because one cannot be sure these have become habitual until the essence emerges from the Corridor stripped of the psyche. But by then, it is too late to do anything except either endure helplessness or enjoy the ability to do.

to be continued...

What Are You Looking At?

by Barbara Haynes

I was recently reading The Deathbed Perspective found in The Great Adventure by E.J. Gold. I wanted to share the following excerpt with you because I was so grateful for the reminder of what we are actually looking at. After reading this exchange about the clear light, I found the world more magical. The world is not so solid and there are glimpses of what is behind the shadow show, the movie. I offer the excerpt with the hope you will find in it an opening of vision.

"Do people die in much the same way they live, or do you think there is radical change?" asked Paul. "In other words, it seems to me that we can judge the quality of our deaths according to the way we now live our lives, and not assume that anything will change -- that we will see the clear light and everything will be different."

"You're quite right," E.J. replied. "If you can't see the clear light at this moment, do you really suppose you will have the attention-of-presence to see it just moments after the death of the machine, with all its overwhelming personal effects?"

"I would consider that to be a real regret." said Paul.

"Well, what are you doing right now to change that?" E.J. exclaimed. Why aren't you trying to see it now? Even as we talk, you are reminded of it! Why do you suppose you're unable to sit right here and see the clear light for a minute?" He waved his hand at the whole group of us. "Everyone take a moment to notice the clear light." E.J. settled back into his chair and scrutinized us. There was a short silence as we attempted to carry out his instruction.

"What are you doing?" he cried. "Sitting still like robots, staring off into space? What could you possibly be looking for?" He stared at us in amazement. "Haven't I reminded you many times that no matter what you think you see, the King is naked?"

E.J. gazed skyward, searching for words. "Where is the clear light right now?" he asked. "Never mind that, just show me where the clear light isn't . . . point it out."

"It's not perceived," said Linda. "It may be there, but it is not recognized."

"Not recognized, maybe . . . but not perceived?" E.J. gasped incredulously. "Of course it's perceived! What else could you possibly be looking at?"

Reincarnation Awareness Workshop

by E.J. Gold - June 23, 2012 -- Excerpt by T. Jones

Unlocking Postures

Unlocking Postures are related to what we call the Movements. Those are the unlocking devices that you can use for certain spaces, or certain things. You use this at your altar space and then you will address the entity in the other dimension. You're going to actually start talking to yourself in the alternate world, having conversations with yourself in the alternate worlds.

So, be aware that that's how that works. You're going to start establishing a connection, a friendship between yourself and your avatars in a variety of worlds. That will give you a bigger spiritual footprint and you'll also learn how to turn on the juice so that you get some serious results, so you can show those results and get moving onto the levels that you need to actually work in. Although, it wouldn't hurt you to go through 30 or 40 of the Remedies, at least within 15 Remedies, have shown some definite life indicators. Life indications are indications of things that happen in your life that you can directly trace back to the activity that you are now engaged in, the Extra Dimensional Activity, or EDA.

You're going to use that 1000 times, that phrase. Work with it. Don't let notes take the place of attention. They can add to your attention, but don't let them take the place of your attention. So you'll be doing these Unlocking Postures. What they are, the postures themselves are unlocking, but you have to transition properly or it's not going to work. I've said many times the key is in the transition. The postures are easy to learn. The transitions are a little harder to get from one posture to the next. Now, the postures are a means of encoding something. They're used the way that Hebrew letters would be used, for instance, in a motion Prayer. So, in motion blessings, they'll use this kind of method.

So, with the Unlocking Postures - there are two ways they work: One way is that they are actually letters, and two, that they carry an encoding device within them. But how they strap together is very important. Those are the transitions, so that you have postures, transitions, that become the Movements - then you have the Rhythmics.

Musings of a Labyrinth Reader

Living Intentionally, a Key to Working with the Upgraded GoddTM Particle"
Marvette Kort

If you're trying to use this lifetime for a conscious purpose, everyday has to be rededicated." -- E.J.Gold

E.J. has told us that in the Work, he must also do this each day. It's not planning out your life everyday; it's about living one's life with intention and realigning oneself to your purpose.

Whether one has a job that structures your schedule or one designs one's own activities into a schedule of your choice, both situations equally qualify for operating with intention. Working with intention is a big key that opens doors previously invisible to those who don't use it. By adopting the practice of performing whatever you do with intention, you have the opportunity to upscale the quality of your life. I invite everyone to make the experiment for themselves.

In conjunction with setting intentions for one's day, we are being offered a comprehensive daily work tool in E.J.'s March 23, 2021 blog "The GoddTM Particle Really Works!

He suggests we incorporate the using of the upgraded GoddTM Particle into our daily 5-minute practices. Make a habit of opening the godd orbs on your computer and "walking around inside that contained harmonic resonance world, you will feel it working and see it working "¦."

He also has mentioned that while traversing the orbs in the GoddTM Particle, one can trigger numerous "power ups". Specific "power ups" can be applied through formulating your intention for a pursuit and looking at what you need. For example, what skill do I wish to sharpen for that business meeting this morning -- wisdom, intelligence or charisma?

As one learns what's available in the many different orbs within the GoddTM Paricle, you will be able to boost your effectiveness in approaching and accomplishing the tasks within your focus each day. Within the orbs, there are ways to stimulate effects from such triggered spells as for healing, blessings, endurance, magic find/intuition, prosperity and more. Visiting rooms in godd that operate to affect one's finer atmosphere through actions, such as burning different colored powders, that intend specifically to provoke protection or peace or calming or empowerment or ascension, contribute tangibly to the quality of one's life.

Whether you embrace godd orbs to nurture the spiritual practices in your daily life, or explore the worlds periodically, or experiment with wearing it on your body for a period of time, you will need to determine for yourself and acknowledge with observation what works best for your individual life path. For myself, I am eagerly awaiting the release of the updated GoddTM Particle. Feel free to contact the Institute or respond to this email to reserve your own.

It Feels A Little Like A Shift Change

by Christiane Wolters

In my years working as an Intern and Resident in hospitals, we were actually permitted to go home to sleep two out of three nights. Before we could leave, during our version of shift change, there was sign-out. Everything important regarding your patients would be signed out so that the next person could continue the care. The oncoming crew would check things out, examine the patients and would do what needed to be done. You were no longer in charge.

When the other day someone mentioned that this year, 2021, is the year E.J. Gold turns 80 years old and IDHHB has been in existence for 50 years, it was like wow.

Generally, the younger the generation, the less it can know how it was back then, especially in our currently so rapidly changing world. In my encounters with various spiritual teachers and schools, there was one common observation I heard: each year, each generation, comes in at a higher level than the previous one. There was work we, my generation did, that will not be needed in that way again. In recent years I have come to understand what I read many years ago, which is that each generation stands on the shoulders of the one before them. There was work the old folks did that shifted and changed human consciousness in ways that make the further emergence of a higher development possible. That process seems to be speeding up.

Everything happens according to time, place and people, and if you live long enough, like some of us, you can feel the shift, change, adaptation, flexibility as well as resistance to a new way of being (tech) here.

At the Institute, some folks have been around two or three decades longer than me and have experienced times I only know through stories or books or CDs.

A lot has happened. Countless and timeless tools for transformation have been and are still being given, spaces came and went, invocations happened and now, this year, it feels a little like shift change is approaching. I don't know how many years it will take, but sooner or later it will be time to let go of a certain function in this process, with (hopefully) no attachment to the outcome. Once it is out of your hands, all one can really hope for is that one did everything one could.

Today, still here, working, I feel the obligation to prepare my small part of sign-out as best I can.

To preserve and transmit as accurately and accessible as possible what has transpired and been given during the years I had the privilege and opportunity to participate.

The Ballad of Lee Perry

Verses by Agenbite, Ella, Grokkey,
Loralilah, Myra Ravenwolf,
of the Prosperity Poets

When you left old New York City
Moved your life out to L.A.
There at home in Echo Park you
Helped your friends float cares away

And when Glenn Perry came to visit
He was a soul mate that you found
And Dr. Lilly's great invention
Led you both to higher ground"¦

Moving with curious grace and love
Channeling heaven from high above
Shielding the wings of the ancient dove
Heart to the Work like hand to glove

She was like the energizer bunny
Always productive on the go"¦.
So friendly and so kind and funny
Making every day a welcome show

Float tanks exploring ever new worlds
Attention there and listening"¦
So many folks caught up and twirling
From mundane to glistening"¦.

Moving with curious grace and love
Channeling heaven from high above
Shielding the wings of the ancient dove
Heart to the Work like hand to glove

So please rest easy in the Clear Light
Gentle Lee with your great heart
Mother teacher guide to many
Who can ever take your part?

I know you're inside the Clear Light
With friends and family you know
May we stay with your deep insight
And with your floating wisdom grow"¦.

Moving with curious grace and love
Channeling heaven from high above
Shielding the wings of the ancient dove
Heart to the Work like hand to glove

She always was so kind and cheerful
Always alive with gifts and light
A helping hand joy to the tearful
She made us feel happy and right

A life well-lived and gift to others
We will remember what you've done
You made us all brothers and sisters
Feeling the light from your bright sun

There's no need to light a candle
Soul shine glowing ever bright
Like a comet in the darkness
Blazing through a starlit night

Moving with curious grace and love
Channeling heaven from high above
Shielding the wings of the ancient dove
Heart to the Work like hand to glove

Working with Tom X's Man on the Cross image

Many years ago, E.J. gave a series of contemplations to be used when working with this image. I've found it to be a valuable practice which I'd like to share. To penetrate the contemplations fully, I suggest doing each one slowly, really trying to experience what is being requested.

The following is excerpted from a chapter entitled "The Image of MOC," a part of soon to be published material:

  • The first contemplation while sitting before Tom X's image of the MOC is to imagine what it would be like to be bonded to an angel who is forever behind you, suspended in midair.
  • Secondly, imagine what it would be like to be the cross with the man affixed to you, enfolding him in comfort and protection. Develop the sensation of this situation.
  • And thirdly, how would you feel about it? What would the situation be like and what would you see?

My experience, when I feel the angel behind me, is a gentleness enfolding me. My surroundings lose their human primate identity and become part of a larger whole, a oneness without delineation.

When I experience myself as the cross, that "I" is again gentle. It is respectful toward the environment and carries with it a strong obligation to be present, to be awake.

These are some of my experiences and I'm sure yours will be equally awesome.
For more information and to work further with this practice, please let us know.

Tom X's Man On the Cross image is available at

Best Work wishes,
Jewel McInroy