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January 2020 Bardo Buzz (02-01)

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The Joy of Sacrifice:

Secrets of the Sufi Way by E.J. Gold


We should occupy ourselves in trade, commerce and crafts. To be in the Work does not excuse us from earning our own livelihood. We owe first responsibility to our family; our first effort should be to provide our planetary body with its immediate necessities.

To be poor just for the sake of piousness is pathological. Only when one fears objects does one fear temptation. Complete understanding of the power of identification with objects results in placing little or no faith in anything or anyone of the outer world, but at the same time, one must try to love everything that breathes.

Heaven and Hell are not results of what we do in life, but identification with the dream.

While Saints are constrained to conceal their activities, Messengers From Above are required to reveal themselves.

One who has Reason is able to discriminate between the seduction of amusement and the inspiration of Truth.

Some who come to the school are overcome by grief; some by yearning; some by sadness; still others by hope. All these are simply burdens carried in from the dream. Conditioning is burned away through friction and self-remembering.

Sentimentality is a luxury we cannot afford in ourselves if we wish to make a place for ourselves in the New World.

The secret for you now is to try always to behave in accordance with the objective customs of hospitality. To do this, one must first learn what these customs are.

Those attending meetings may be in several states: inspired with love, inspired with hope, or inspired with faith, each of these in ordinary man can be turned into its opposite lower emotion. Love into hate, hope into despair, faith into fear. We must not allow our lower emotions to rule us. We must hold ourselves above psychopathy.

to be continued...


"Transformation is 100% attitudinal."
~ E.J. Gold

What's Up?

A few times now I saw online postings about people being glad days will be longer again. Hm, can't say that I did not enjoy the short days and dark hours. It might have started a little rough, but I am still loving it this year. (Admittedly, it does not get really really cold here). Grateful for the spaces I can be in.

Of the many quotes we come across, especially on social media, some will resonate more than others, depending on what is "up" for us. The other day I saw a quote that resonates with me and one of my goals for the next decade or so: "Keeping your Earth Avatar topped-off with energy and at its peak of wellness makes you more able to carry out your Mission." ~ E. J. Gold

The sorc might need some strength and stamina. Talking about D2, there is currently a noob safari for D2 players happening Thursday afternoons. You can inquire using the IDHHB contact form on their website.

What else is "up": integrity, intention, belief, transparence, collaboration, connection, presence, energy, flow, higher bodies, growth and change -- a level change, an upleveling.

Wishing you a blessed New Year.



"You arrive in a universe. There's no place for you to go. You are a coherent waveform. You are always that waveform, you're always coherent, that is you forever. You can change it. You can metaprogram it, but that is you. You arrive in a universe, no matter when or where you pop in. Remember, time-space is very localized, very local phenomenon. Wherever you come in, you are assigned, you automatically go to the next nearest fit -- wherever you fit, that's where you go. Wherever you come in, you are assigned, you automatically go to the next nearest fit -- wherever you fit, that's where you go.

"So if you can make yourself fit into, let's say, a Lama or a Monk or whatever it might be, as someone who is a spiritual master -- it's because you fit the lock. No other reason. You can't grow into it. You make yourself that by agreement largely. You agree to serve. And you do it in little bits and pieces and you're tested each time along the way. And should you, at some point, decide: fail to serve or decide not to serve, you just get dropped, just like if you drop out of class in the university. You get an incomplete, not an F, and you try again later on when you feel you can do it. But if you do succeed in this lifetime to do that, to make yourself fit a higher lock, your avatar is going to help you focus on that, help you target that.

"So you want to fit a higher lock, a lock that is not dirty, a lock that is clean. You want to fit in a body that is a clean body, that is a non-greedy body, that has a non-greedy mind, that has a non-organic mind, that is still open to higher influences and is willing to serve the higher. Now you have a chance to actually achieve what is called "spiritual evolution." But it is not evolution. Evolution does not at all exist in that way. It is meta-programming. You are changing the building blocks -- that is you -- around to be more clean, to be more effective, to be more serving, to be more healing, to be more love, to be more open, to be more concerned for the suffering of others, including the Absolute, of course

Gorby's Place, October 5, 2015
Excerpt of talk edited by
Tabatha Jones



Originally expressing gratitude for our community and the many work opportunities we as a group are offering with Livestream, in the Prosperity Path ashram and more recently through Zoom, was to be the focus this issue.

For example, you may not know that a group still meets on Sat. 1:00 pm PST in the ashram and on Livestream to work with Labyrinth Readers exercises or other practical exercises introduced over the years in the body of E.J.'s work. This is a potent time for work on self and entering refined spaces opened from participating in different exercises.

Plus, I humbly proclaim my gratitude for all the healing work that so many are doing in the ashram each day. And to thank the few individuals that organize these many events and administrate keeping the lists of names of the recipients.

However, there was a 5-minute segment of the workshop this last weekend that is worth recounting here. It may expand your perspective on life, it certainly was a good reminder for me, as we move into the new year.

E.J. had just returned to the space at the end of the group practicing the PLS method, using 1 photo displayed on a computer in the circle. He listened to Emily repeat a brief impression from each person's story that had produced in her an autonomic response. She concluded that all the stories about the same picture were amazing.

What she had just done is what he would expect from a trained therapist -- to listen and remember what was outstanding about each person's reportage. And that makes this kind of thing a good therapeutic tool when used in a group.... You get a tickle on your spine.

Then in reference to everyone telling a different story about the same picture, he said that the way that the multiverse is constructed, all of those things can be true about that photo and about you. He would guess that everyone was 90% right. How could that be? Because it's a different life. Every time one of us lives it, you live it a little differently than the previous, let's say, ride.

For example, when you get into a subway, it only goes back and forth or around and around. What happens on each trip, it goes slightly differently because of the passengers and what's going on at that time. There are a lot of reasons why, a lot of accidental encounters occur in the course of action. But it's the same train ride. That isn't going to change.

What's going to change is the immediate experience, the effect of that train ride on you. Put someone else in that same place.... Have you seen the movie "Oh God You Devil" with George Burns?

This guy wants to be a rock "˜n roll star, and he's willing to sign a pact with the devil. He gets his wish. He's that rock "˜n roll star, living that rock "˜n roll star's life. He can't live his own life; he can't even say his own words. He has to say the words of that life. He wants to live that life.

So it's not your life. It's the life of that rock star. So relax in there.

If you think of your body as a vehicle, a driverless Uber, you get in at one point and get out of it at another point. You know what those points always are because they are terminal points. Like on trolleys or cable cars, they have terminal points where they turn around.

Then he recommended that people take a ride on a San Francisco cable car, to see what it's really like, it's not like the movies. Ride to the end and see the terminal point.

Marvette Kort


December is a very special month here at the Ashram in California. We have the opportunity to celebrate E.J.'s birthday, the birth of our beloved Teacher and Guide.

E.J asked that we have a workshop over the weekend of his birthday celebration. His generous being is always focused on making sure those in need of the Teaching are reached. One of the wonderful happenings during the workshop was the gathering of the Indian group on Zoom to ask E.J. questions about their work and how best to proceed in the coming year. It was part of their event in India and they made very good use of the opportunity.

Of course, the highlight of the weekend was the Birthday celebration on Saturday afternoon. The "barn" was packed with students and well wishers. The stage was filled with music makers and songsters. The energy was high, full of joy and overflowing with love for our Teacher. Our wish was to let him know how deeply we appreciate his efforts on our behalf.

This year's cake was adorned with the phrase "In Godd We Trust". As coincidence would have it, E.J. had come into the kitchen just as the cake was about to be decorated and insisted on doing it himself. A blessed coincidence.

There was a short pause in the music as the cake was presented and we all sang out our Happy Birthday wishes. The special Birthday bags E.J. had spent the month preparing were presented to each and every guest who came to celebrate this special Birthday. Each guest left the celebration with an abundance of joy and love and a bag full of wonderous gifts they could use as reminders of E.J.'s unending efforts on our behalf.

Barbara Haynes

On Love

Respect each person for who they are and not what we want them to be. This is the way of love, not a struggle of personalities.

We can respect ourselves and we can respect others, but we do not need to get caught up in each other's misery or lower vibration.

"Real love implies serious risk, and risk, in the work sense, means to take chances outside the human dimension -- sometimes correctly calculated, sometimes not.

We take risks for the sake of love, love the eternal substance, the living presence, which humans have always thought of as their god, before which no creature can stand and fail to be annihilated; the shaman cares nothing for love, the primate ideal, or love the biological attraction.
Love is the very object of adoration, a form of eternal, nonconvertible energy as necessary to our work as heat is to chemical change, or electricity, steam or gasoline are to mechanical engines.
We ought to be able to allow love to ebb and flow, to move freely through us without the slightest quiver of resistance as we would allow the passage of any other form of energy and radiation.

If we are to work effectively, we must not let our natural primate fear of the raw force of love be a barrier to the living presence of the Absolute."

by E.J. Gold from Life in the Labyrinth

Talk of the Month The ABC's of Love
Submitted by Michele Marie

Lock and Key

This birthday workshop weekend has given me the opportunity to experience seeing my own lock and key (where I fit in and do what I do best) and the benefits of relaxing into that posture with a new degree of certainty that I am acting/contributing in the best possible way in the situation.

Dok's reminder is timely - in order to carry out our missions, we must maintain our characters, giving them what they need physically and spiritually to be able to most fully be of service. Jewel McInroy


Thank you for the quick response and recommendations regarding ordering. Recently I have been helping with the book ordering here at The Center for the New Age to expand our collection and it has been my pleasure to bring some of the books and topics I find essential. Sedona's clientele in general are a mix of psychics, gurus, E.T.s and tons of tourists, so a vast selection is essential to reach everyone. I actually came across E.J. Gold's work when one of the best mediums that worked here had passed and came to me asking for help crossing her over.

This was not something I knew how to do and a lady of this power level was not to be taken casually. I began with a copy of (AE) The Book of the Dead from her office, thinking, how am I going to do this with that right now? Simultaneously, I was working on building a Spirit Communication device, from a schematic I found based on a combination of Tesla's spirit radio and Gold's quantum crystal radio (whom at the time I had never heard of). At the used bookstore attached to our library, a book practically falls out to me, "The American Book of The Dead"! It was exactly what I needed to do the work. Then when I did a little research, I find out the connection to the book on my altar and the electronic components on my desk. Synchronicity, wow-wee, lol. Just a fun story I thought I'd share. I look forward to seeing some of your titles in the shop, including some titles for myself.

Best regards,
Rachel Bulisky