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November 2019 Bardo Buzz (01-09)

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The Joy of Sacrifice

Secrets of the Sufi Way by E.J. Gold

Benares, 3 December
Dear Beloveds of God:
Only if one achieves something real within oneself can it be used as a sacrifice. You ask whether it is possible for you to begin sacrifices now. You must understand that it is impossible to empty your hands before they hold something. This is why preparation is necessary. To make a genuine sacrifice, not just imaginary, is a very advanced stage. Can you see how this is so?

Remember that real ferocity of purpose is in the inner world, not in a display of odd behavior or dramatic self-flagellation. It is time now to learn the depths of ferocity without the outer show of power and noise.

New Delhi, 5 December
Dear ones:
May this letter find you in your work steadfast and true to your aim. I wish here to give some indication in answer to your questions regarding the newborn.

As one guides a being back into the world, one must be aware of the continuity of that individual's consciousness. At the same time, one must ignore continuity of identity unless it is that of the essence.

So that the lifespan continues in the unbroken chain, there are several practices which may be useful. We will discuss these in group work. At the end of the corridor of madness the psyche has been broken down and dispersed. But if essence cannot assume responsibility for the organism, the psyche re-forms once again into its old habitual pattern. Thus one may be worse off than before unless preparation has been made for this event.

Great care must be taken for the reborn. Essence must be kept awake and the first impressions must be carefully maintained to give all possible types of impressions to the newly born. This must be continued at least for the first year following rebirth of the essence.

During all states between entry and exit in the corridor, one guides by focusing on that which is eternal in the being, not on that which is not his own.

One cannot teach another in the corridor -- one can only guide. One should remain calm and centered during this service, either at the bedside or the dying psyche or in the birthing chamber of the reborn essence. Your calm center will be all the help required if fusion has occurred successfully. One should be ready to offer help to one who is ready for it, but must not inflict freedom on those who love their slavery.

to be continued...


"You're here to learn how to pass on to a higher level.

You're not here to learn how to die and get buried in the dirt."

-E.J. Gold.


During a recent FAXL Music Monday rehearsal, on Columbus Day, October 14, 2019, E.J. Gold, Claude Needham, Nancy and Robbert Trice, Iven Lourie and other musicians were getting set up for band, and this is what E.J. blurted out....

"Priorities . . . As a matter of fact, priorities are very important ... as you're arranging the priorities of your life. Why don't you just take a minute, look at where you put Music as a priority in your life, or look at where you put Art as a priority. It's way down low, isn't it? Making money is up there and making babies is up there and making a household is up there. But Art, Music and Theater are things that really develop the Soul. Those things are very low priority typically. It's when someone's Soul is awakened, that's the awakening process really of what happens. It's not an, 'Oh, wow!' That's not awakening. Awakening is there's something more. I know there is something more. There's something nagging me here. There's more to life than just . . . 'Is this all there is?' You can even make a song of that."

Here is a testimonial from Tito Rios after hearing E.J.'s blurb:

"Thank you, Yanesh, for this post, and thank you, E.J., for your teachings and guidance. I was fortunate enough today to hear this post before gigging. My intention was to work with this force, of "...developing the Soul, when playing music" and through my playing to share that with those who I was playing for. It was nice to notice the confirmation when a family visiting from Pennsylvania, who were celebrating their 50th anniversary, and were accompanied by their grown up kids, approached me and literally used the word "...Soul..." when they spoke to me, which prompted me to share having seen this video and shared with them the content. Made my night!"

Excerpt by T.A.Jones


Tom was a student of E.J.'s who lived with the group in Meadow Vista and Grass Valley during the 1980s. He was a prolific artist who collaborated with E.J. on several pieces and often sought direction and guidance from him with his art. His work, on the cover of the Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying, was also represented in the show.

Most of us who traveled to the opening knew and had worked with Tom X during the time he lived in the community. Jaswant and Jim, E.J.'s students from Canada, and Grant from the east coast, were here working with Patricia Elizabeth on material related to the American Book of the Dead ,so it was natural that they should join us. Andrew and Emily live in San Francisco close to the gallery and they completed our group.

Upper Right: From left, Andrew, Emily, Jaswant, Patricia Elizabeth, Jewel, Grant and Jim,)
Bottom left: Ready to return to Penn Valley, the voyagers take a parting shot.
Bottom right: Paula looking at the print bin on the main floor of the gallery.

More about the show can be found online at

Jewel McInroy


Making Prayer

"If I can only give one message, it would be that the Absolute needs prayer. And the thing that's unique about humans is that they're the only ones that can." -- E.J. Gold, January 20, 2001.

Making prayer, a worthy work aim -- that's what I've been training for over these many years. And as in the Hobo's Prayer, "I only hope that I will recognize it when I find it." I do have the eyes to see it, if I have the habit operating of activating my attention and heightened sensing to perceive prayer in progress.

I walked into the Cloister kitchen the other day and immediately picked up on my radar that the cook at the stove was successfully conducting prayer. The silence of the big space opened my heart and any urge I had to speak in the space evaporated. Instead, my movements conformed with the harmony of the larger dance. It was a delight to be there.

A few days later, we had a power shut down. I found myself tied to the yoke of filling water bottles at our brand new 100 gallon water container in the backyard. Being the first to use it I asked if there was anything I needed to know. There was uncertainty about the little tap on the side, so it was recommended that I hold it in place while the bottles filled with water. It turned out that the water trickled out of this little faucet filling these empty gallon bottles ever so slowly. So I found a stool and surrendered to this necessary task I had voluntarily taken on.

I listened to the water as if it were a tiny stream and remembered the prayer:
Come to me and lose yourself in me.
The Darkness cannot stand before the Light.
I wait for you to discover me and know me,
for I and the Father are One.
I am your true abode, and the door is open.
Enter and be annihilated in the force of Love.

But the machine rose up and said OMG! I don't have the time to sit here forever. And my conscience said there's no better time than now to bring this prayer to life.

It is a cool morning and very quiet. I can diffuse my vision and apply my attention without distraction. So I started repeating the prayer and sensing each line to trigger the space. The trickle of the water is constant. My movements are minimal and repetitive. Gorby comes by with B. to ask me a question. He leaves, but I feel the effect of his presence as a subtle surge of energy and support for my work efforts.

I am grounded in present time as I accept the invitation of each line I repeat. I engage in the cycle of the prayer. Time is endless. My heart is open. I continue to listen to the water.

Jewel comes by with a camera on her way to San Francisco and the Tom X art opening. She takes a couple pictures and I tell her I am praying. She said I know, and I know that she knows. We both are grateful for these moments of freedom.
Marvette Kort

Grant, Jim and Jazzy visited for an event-filled four days,

THANK YOU! for all the work they did while they were here.


Paul and Sonya Landman joined us for Music Monday and dinner as part of Paul's 70th birthday celebration. Paul has been a member of the community for many, many years and came prepared with his birthday question. During dinner he asked E.J for clarification about how to proceed in an area of work he has recently been engaged in. His question provided a great opportunity for all those at dinner to participate in a further elucidation of the work before us.

Grant, Jim and Jazzy visited for an event-filled four days. They had several meetings with Patti to discuss new directions for the LRS. Despite the power blackout, they were able to include Tom and Carmen in an online LRS meeting. They also attended the Tom X art opening in San Francisco, along with Jewel, Paula and Patti, split and stacked our winter firewood, added their efforts to the stucco painting project, cut down trees and cleared dead bushes. A big Thank You to them for the hard work they put in while here.

Since our last Bardo Buzz Newsletter, we've experienced five power blackouts, each lasting two or three days. We are learning how to live in a simple, more primitive way. We are also realizing how all the years of living and working together can pay off when there is a sudden change in the way we live. The adjustments necessary for the days without power, water and heat are handled much better within our group because we know each other's strengths and areas of expertise. The uncertainty of when the blackouts will be or how long they will last are made easier because we have each other to depend on. It's a time of stressful adjustment, but also one of gratitude for each other.

Barbara Haynes


What is there to say? In times of stress, and yes, one power outage after another, 1 to almost 3 days at a time, is stressful. The whole county is stressed out, heck, most of Northern California. Add to that the occasional plume of a fire not too far away, brings up your limits a bit faster, simply because -- bodies. The first time the helicopters were flying so low and loudly, visceral memory of war times, another, understanding when they tried to raid the growers of one of the most healing plants on the planet. External routines are for me, at least, more difficult to maintain at this time. What you always can have/are/do is presence and awareness and internal practice. I was going to write about how animals can be, for some, portals to higher dimensions, initiators into the mystery of Being. Alas, there is more to do after just finding out power might be turned off again, much sooner than expected, and the final deadline for the Bardo close. And though I have not heard, I hope you guys, who were just visiting for a few days, got home okay. They got some good work done, and we here are grateful. The image shows 2 of them, after bringing some leaves (byproduct of clearing/cleaning an area up by the barn),to the coops for litter. Yay, all set for the winter rains, which will hopefully be arriving soon. We are flush with leaves, hehe . . . it's the little things.

Be well everyone. And patient. And open -- to the connection, with that which sustains, inspires and animates us all.

Christiane Wolters


"Remember that you cannot get what you cannot give -- part of prosperity is your own generosity, kindness, courtesy, consideration, forgiveness, hospitality, and a sense of deep and abiding caring.

"These Essential Self Tendencies are very important for your Spiritual Development, as you work your way toward a Parallel World where you have the actual ability to help others less fortunate than yourself. The Prosperity Path will give you the ability to exercise these gentle habits of the Spirit," E.J. Gold said.

"It is a path to help us care and to focus on others and not just ourselves. This is what our Teacher is trying to teach and train us - to focus on others instead of the "I". To slowly, bit by bit, strip off our self-cherishing mind through many unconventional, modern, creative methods and to practice compassion. The Cloister kitchen is one aspect of E.J.'s many skillful methods to teach us to be better and kinder human beings."
The Way of Perfect Service (2 CDs)

Michele Marie


"In the ordinary unevolved human biological machine, because its sense of itself is a vague concatenation of all its isolated fragmentary identities, there is no unity which always feels the same about every issue. Sometimes we feel one way about something, and another, the very moment we feel entirely different about it. Our lack of unity produces in us a corresponding lack of will." - Practical Work On Self, Chapter 5 - by E.J. Gold.

Back in the days, at a barbecue party on our patio, the assembly of my friends' circle, which consisted of three individuals from different backgrounds, inquired about the nature of "promises". We shared our ideas and various points of view behind the flaking aspect of the promises. Considering their unawareness (not in a demeaning way at all, after all, they are my most cherished buddies), regarding Fourth Way teachings and E.J's terminology, I presented the ideas of many I's and a sense of how we, in reality, are not a unity, but rather a blend of unconscious-multiple I's.

They found the idea of many I's rather intriguing, interesting and something new for them, which was difficult to absorb right away. (However, I still doubt whether they were being nice and respected my "freedom of speech" as such, or really found the idea authentically interesting. I would leave this mystery unresolved, locked forever in eternity).

As I recall, these incidents from my memory roll titled past, I get a glimpse of a conveyor belt. Our day is designed like a conveyor belt. On this conveyor belt, right from the morning till night, various I's come up on the stage, take a front seat, then a back seat, and leave, creating a space for a new I to come up and blurt out interesting statements. And when the world inquires about the statements to a particular I, that I is terrified, as it was not "promised" by it, but rather a different I which might or might not come up on the stage.

The realization that dawned regarding multiple I's was terrific. Only when I experienced the consequences of lack of inner unity and will a few years ago, while doing a repetition of daily exercises, I was able to perceive the working of multiple I's in my own life.

Where can I find the little me
Who faced consequences
On behalf of a different poor little me.
After all, it was promised by a desperate poor little me,
But the old poor little me disappeared from the scene.
And the brand new dumb-wit poor little me doesn't know the old poor little me.
Such is the tale of the nitwit poor little me
Recited by another poor little me.
Oh! Idiot poor little me...

Nishit Gajjar