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August 2019 Bardo Buzz (01-06)

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The Joy of Sacrifice:

Secrets of the Sufi Way -- by E.J. Gold

Bukhara, 25 November

Beloved of God:

Again I write to you of sacrifices. It seems as if there is much to say on the subject, and yet it is all so simple.

Your sacrifices must have their manifestation according to your station, is it not so?

We must again approach this idea of sacrifices. Not the sacrifices you are accustomed to in the ordinary life, nor those you will ultimately make to alleviate the suffering of God, should you succeed in becoming part of the Work. Of course this sacrifice is not possible until all personal and essence sacrifices have been performed.

Sacrifices made in the wrong way at the wrong time result in no real change in being.

Sacrifices must be performed according to law. They must be made in the correct sequence and in the right way.

Each sacrifice stands on the pillars of those sacrifices which have come before it. Each is a doorway which cannot be entered until the doorways leading to it have each been passed in their turn. Thus one can only come face to face with a sacrifice at the exact point when one has that which may be sacrificed.

This is the science of idiotism in its original form, taking one deeper and deeper into essence being. It will lead one to the brink of personal ruin and terror undreamed of, but beyond all this is the path, after all the tests have been passed. In this state, one is ultimately alone, even though a guide may be with one.

to be continued...

Prosperity Poets Take Short Cuts to Wisdom (Maybe)

For some now forgotten reason, the Prosperity Poets who meet in Second Life weekly decided to experiment with creating new proverbs or aphorisms. They soon graduated to experimenting in group with random lines written at home, combined in twos with random lines written by someone else in the circle. Here for your (possible) edification are some of our favorite new proverbs aka "Randomity Proverbs" because...they were just thrown together, but we like the way they work:

A stationary bike will get you nowhere
while he mumbles his sorrow


If time is short, it may not have grown up --
because the dry grass yearns for fire


The world changed while we waited for the messiah --
and holding up an entire world would make anyone tired....


One of the greatest spiritual teachings is to see the universal in the particular
and the particular in the universal --
while interest compounded equals wonder


big black birds soar on the updraft --
while the moon reveals its glowing teeth beneath the ragged sky


Ten times ten is not always one hundred --
and the beauty of spoken language is that
you can end somebody else's sentence anywhere you want


Contributors: Agenbite, Auntiematter, Grokkey, Loralilah, Myra,


It actually took a while till I realized what had happened, but ultimately, the Second Life experience in the Prosperity Ashram had a healing and integrative effect for me.

A few years ago, the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being (IDHHB) started an exploration into using Second Life (SL) as a work tool, a tool for transformation and service as well as a tool to stimulate past life memories and broaden one's consciousness footprint. It was an ever-changing environment then, with lots of activities and changing sceneries and lots to learn. My blog post is more focused on my own journey than all that was happening back then in the Ashram (that would be filling a book).

Even though I felt a little bit like I felt when the call went out to join safaris in D2 a decade earlier, meaning some trepidation and a hint of disdain, if I were honest, I didn't really know anything about Second Life or the people that go there.

I decided to participate and, of course, as with the exploration of any new area, there were growing pains. At that time, child avatars were still permitted, and I found myself drawn to those more than the adults or non-human characters. I had a few adult ones, but on a subtle level, noticed a resistance to using them. So unless it was required to show up as an adult, I started out exploring as a child. This was at a time I had not actually put a name to the nature nor the extent of the trauma that I have had to deal with all my life, as trauma is in the nervous system, but I didn't remember anything commonly recognized as trauma, so I was never aware that that was what I was dealing with. However, I had developed a trust in my inner guidance, had the willingness to go all in with the project and the courage to act on it best I could.

Soon enough I wanted to have my own place and terraform, which is shaping the landscape, but I was not one of the people with building privileges anywhere . . . and the story goes on from there. You can read it all, with more pictures, here on: How being in Second Life helped me grow up and heal.

Christiane Wolters

MUSINGS OF A LABYRINTH READER -- Get In The Flow With Instagram

One of the 5 most important ideas I've ever heard from E.J. Gold is, "Get in the flow."

BTW, we do have on DVD the live invocation of Gorby delivering this transmission? If one wanted this, you'd have to ask for it. The asking by those in need of something triggers the response of fulfillment.

Currently, the form of work E.J. is presenting is social media marketing, specifically using Instagram. Well, for someone like me, born in the middle of the last century, this is a daunting endeavor.

However, uncharacteristically, exactly one day after the first ICW broadcast about Instagram, my fear was down and my restraints were off and I engaged in talking to Gorby. All of a sudden, to my surprise, I was given an identity which will become my "Brand" and pointed toward a major theme about which I could post on Instagram, and it also happens to be one of the focuses of my work attention, SciFi Radio Theater.

I opened and posted into an Instagram (IG) account as general vetti, that first day. And I posted the second day, the third day, the fourth day and every day since then. What is interesting to observe is the flow of inspiration that comes through each day, usually in the form of one seed idea. It churns around morphing in the fluid ethers before coming creatively into manifestation. It's all about work discipline.

So there goes my big effort to create the expression of something I feel valuable to share about the Work up on Instagram (IG), for the public, anyone following my identity or a hashtag I have used. All my complaining about having to be a writer once a month was dissolved.

Replacing it is bigger trouble bordering on responsibility and, dare I say, skirting obligation. Well, it goes to show you, a real teacher strikes when the fire is hot. There's an opening and with a little suggestion, not a command or mandate, he can facilitate someone on the edge to shift to another track and "Get In the Flow." But I'd like to ask the universe, "Can I have my comb back? It's been mysteriously missing for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and I did want to comb my hair once in a while."
Marvette Kort


As a result of my daily practices, I have recently found the concept of Nothingness requiring more study and contemplation.

Though I have encountered this idea again and again in the readings of the American Book of the Dead and Angels Healing Journey, this time it left me with an emptiness -- staring into the void, not sure how to shift my identity from this human form to the essential self. I went searching through E.J.'s writings to clarify and help me work with the emptiness.

I found the following passage from the Talk of the Month "Life As Theater" Part I very useful.

"If you find the truth, you will find it in the vivification of life itself. It won't be in some new life. Life is as you find it. Your time is as you find it. Your life is as you live it. It is as it is. What's yours to change, the only real change possible, is to bring to life your life, to allow yourself to be transformed by life to pay for what is given free . . . Your fundamentalist preacher would say 'to call down the holy spirit to dwell within you all the days of your life.' No mean feat, because the invitation must be repeated every moment. There is no anchor for the holy spirit, no anchor whatever. The invitation must be repeated and repeated and repeated. The perpetual séance of life. The invocation of your own presence is just practice.

"When you have accomplished what it is you are trying to accomplish, there won't be anyone left to accomplish it. It is the annihilation of the personal self, it is Nothingness."
Barbara Haynes


"The awakening of the machine is to our preparation for a Work life something like kindergarten in relation to university."
E.J. Gold, Practical Work on Self

Excerpt from ICW August 18, 2013

"Timothy Minchin is an Australian comedian, actor, writer, musician, composer, lyricist, and director. E.J. has shown his videos to folks. E.J. says he has a serious problem which is that he wants incontrovertible evidence that there is a God and he also wants evidence of the nature of God. And I don't know if it has occurred to him or not, that there doesn't have to be a God by his definition, there doesn't have to be a God in order to satisfy the requirements of Godness, inherent to the universe.

"In other words, the universe does have the characteristics of having a God, you see. But you don't have to believe in any God in order to see the universe, work with the universe, interact with the universe. It's not necessary to believe anything.

"And I firmly believe that belief is an unnecessary crutch; it's not necessary to use it in order to follow your work path. So reserve judgment, someday you will know whether you were well-trained or ill-prepared for the between-lives state. You'll know. You'll be able to thank me or curse me. I am very confident that you will do well.

"And when you do well, you pass that wellness on, and it makes wellness everywhere. It kind of spreads out the balance when you yourself undergo transformation and spread it out and spread it on. That spreading on of that transformation is what actually makes the flowering effect, the network effect. You're much stronger as a part of a network than you are as a stand alone. You have to understand it, even if you are a Goliath, you can be brought down by an army of ants. The reason an army of ants is at all effective is because they are connected through occult means." E.J. Gold

Excerpt by T. Jones


To lift the energetic vibration of your food, give thanks and bless your food before eating, and while preparing and cooking it. It is appropriate to create an ambience of peacefulness in your kitchen and in you. Think positive thoughts and pour your agape energy into the food.

One of the practices you can use in the kitchen is to direct your efforts to be used for the benefit of all being everywhere. Foods with high vibrations and nutrients include organic nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, roots, flowers and more. I am going to share with you simple daily food remedies from what our bodies benefit.

Saffron comes from the carefully dried pistils of the crocus "Crocus sativus", an evergreen plant, which reaches a height of up to 30 cm. Each pistil looks the same; it is red or dark red at the tip and yellow on the lower part where they join the plant. Based on three pistils per flower, you need on average 190 flowers in order to obtain one gram of saffron.

Saffron is a medicinal spice that contains several carotenoid compounds which have potent anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer properties. Saffron is also a good source of minerals and vitamins that help to control blood pressure, regulate heart rate, repair stress related damage, support healthy red blood cell production, build the immune system, and prevent infections. Saffron has also been known to alleviate depression and mental stagnancy and bring back joy to the senses. Saffron has the ability to soothe the digestive tract and be an overall natural digestive aid. SaffronExtract (in supplement form) has also been used as an appetite suppressant and weight loss aid.

Saffron is known to provide significant cognitive benefits by helping to promote mental focus, memory retention, and recall capacity. It is also beneficial for eyesight and can specifically aid in the prevention and repair of cataracts. Only a pinch is needed for effective results. Consider adding a little saffron to your cooking to add not only a beautiful color and a wonderful flavor and aroma, but multiple health benefits as well. At all times, in the East and in the West, saffron has been and is still considered an exceptional product.

Iranians used saffron millennia ago as a condiment and dye for fabrics.
In the Middle Ages, saffron was grown in most gardens of monasteries and used by monks for their illuminations. In Buddhism, saffron is added to the water offerings we make to the Buddhas daily in order to make the offerings more rich and beautiful.

_/\_ Enjoy! _/\_
Michele Marie

DANCING WITH THE DIVINE: My Love Affair with God

Small steps, new beginnings
Making friends, becoming comfortable
with uncertainty.
Time slows down to accommodate the process.
Little by little the pieces come together,
and a picture appears,
not conjured up or pasted on,
rather it emerges and shows itself to me.

Watching, waiting, the vision unfolds,
Patience, patience ...... and love.

Then -

We dance, You lead,
The music is silence,
The pace is slow, lest we miss a step
Everything is precious,
Every detail important.
So that we may move as One.

Jewel McInroy


In one chapter in the book 'The Great Adventure', E.J. talks about Bardo and the American Book Of The Dead. He explains how you can see the ABD in Bardo and recognize that it's a flag. A flag to catch your wandering attention. A flag which serves as a guidepost and offers you instruction on 'how to/where to' navigate ahead consciously. To quote from the book, he says, "It (ABD) can only give you instructions you need at that moment. It will also tell you where you are in the Bardos."

And then he moves onto share an experience of how he transited into the Bardo while he was walking near Beverly Hills with his friend back in the late sixties.

While re-reading this chapter, I realized how important it is to be extremely conscious and attentive to recognize the transits. It is extremely difficult yet not impossible at all. The reason I say this is because in the past few months, twice I observed a very dingy feeling of transiting into that zone. There have been many occasions but these two instances were right in front of me, which worked as a guidepost and were quite literal. A part of my exercise and working on the ABD goes on while I am using public transport. I keep the book handy and read the instructions/chambers as and when required. However, the book, which is a red flag, also attracts people's attention.

The first instance about the transit was when I completed reading the 22nd Chamber in Third Stage of The Voyage (various description - Earthquakes, Flood, disasters) from ABD and then was on 33rd when I felt the 6.4 magnitude Earthquake, which hit Los Angeles on the 4th of July. Everything was shaking and moving. I felt as if the reading and the visuals in front were in sync. Talk about transition?

22nd Chamber: ... I feel disaster. Visions of earthquakes, floods, fires ... I know that these anxieties are nothing more than the automatic results of my organic habits ....

33rd Chamber: I begin to feel as if I'm being pushed from behind toward various spaces or objects by a steady and compelling force ....

The second instance was when I recently went to watch the new Tarantino movie in his own theatre 'The New Beverly Cinema', which stands on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles since the 1920s. That was another experience of suddenly being shifted into a different era.

More about the second instance later!
Nishit Gajjar