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May 2019 Bardo Buzz (01-03)

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Secrets Of The Sufi Way by E.J. Gold

It is true that there are many practices which seem to offer salvation, but in reality only man can redeem himself. One is indeed deep in the trap of vanity if he believes that his sacrifices have already been made for him. Messengers from Above have manifested not to save others, but to show them how to achieve their own redemption.

We can remain alive long enough to achieve redemption only if we are able to endure the journey through the abyss which lies between the outer self, personality and the deep self, essence.

One can learn to live alone, to be alone, even to work alone, but one cannot endure the corridor of madness without help of some kind. This special help is the true function of a school.

A school does not take advantage of the superstitions existing commonly among men, nor does it play upon the fears and beliefs surrounding survival. It does not trade services for material considerations, and is teaching cannot be bought at any price. It remains neither hidden or exposed, neither available to the general public nor unreachable by those in need of a school. it is an entity unto itself, existing completely apart from the outer world.

How is it that so few seek help from a school? Why is it that most people choose the path of sleep, passion, gratification, pleasure and power, and so few choose the path of transformation? Why is the pursuit of man a necessary function of God?

You yourselves have seen the children born into the Work. You have heard them discourse and teach the elders. You have seen with your own eyes that a continuous state of unbroken consciousness is possible and that a few communities have maintained this method throughout human history in spite of all the destructive actions of ordinary man.

I recently had the opportunity to introduce these ideas into the lives of several people here. When they learned that it was simply a matter of regaining something lost by contemporary man, and not something unusual for man, they wondered why resistance is so strong. I explained to them that in order to bring man back to the state in which he is man without quotation marks, everything must be just right; all conditions must be met exactly. This is impossible while man believes himself to be presently operation at his full potential.

To prepare for the work the psyche must be developed to some degree, but not crystallized. The essence must still be alive. The individual must be capable of learning hand crafts and other manual skills. The personality must be fluid, not fixated beyond change. Most of all, one must be able to ask for help and able to accept it when it is given.

Most of these factors are quite beyond the reach of ordinary man. Thus there are very few who are able to come to the school as a result of inner self-created barriers.

Soon it will be a time to awaken the teaching in the West. Each shall have its turn. The life of man will once again be s it was meant to be, and he will fulfill his objective aim and purpose for existence. Thus was it written, and thus shall it be manifested.

Jerusalem, 22 November
to be continued....


by E.J. Gold from the blog Running Out a Hot Orb

"The quantum world has its own existence, apart from the organic world, and it is possible to reach within it and to get in contact with your selves and former selves in many different worlds, in many different time zones, and in many different dimensions.

"Sometimes your past self needs encouragement.

"Through your action of running the Orb, you impart a sense of "completeness" and uplifting of the spirit in the face of constant adversity.

"Once in a while, we all get discouraged.
"When that happens, it pays to have friends upstairs.
"I'm making Orbs that contact BANDS of angels, SCORES of healing entities, and more.
"There isn't anywhere you can't go, there isn't anything you can't do."


"I'm here to put tools into your hands. I can't do the work for you, but I CAN give you the means by which to accomplish your work goals and higher spiritual purposes."

"Self-study can now be more closely defined as the study of the motor centrum manifestations of the machine. This is the beginning of all our beginning work."

-E.J. Gold


November 2015

"There are so many things that you can do and so many different ways that you can learn. The most important thing to learn about learning, is that learning is not parroting. It's not about words, its not about repeating what you were told, what you read, what you said, or what someone else said. That's not learning.

"So telepathy is one of those steps. It's the 9th step, a step where humanity is not going to get there. I am predicting it won't. Telepathy is where the entire planet decides, they flip over into honesty. You have to be honest to be telepathic, you can't cheat an honest man. You have to be totally brutally honest. Say it like it is.

"So, this is not natural selection, it's special selection, it's a conscious kind of selection. What happens is that when the entire global population says 'Yes', we are ready to go telepathic; let's open up to one another and do this. And when that happens, human beings will realize their full potential, but not until then.

"Telepathy is something you can develop personally. There are ways to open yourself up to telepathy, and to accept the fact that you are indeed telepathic, always have been, always will be. You are not non-telepathic, that's nonsense to believe that you aren't, but you believe it because it's denied you all your life. Why is it denied you? Because it is uncomfortable to those who are dishonest, who are deceptive, or who are hiding something."
Submitted by T. Jones


Like the seasons of the year, the activities at the Institute have cycles. Magic has its cycle, coins have their cycle, gardening has its cycle, music has its cycle, art has its cycle and GoddGame Orbs have their own cycle.

The GoddGames cycle is one in which I am deeply and intimately involved, along with E.J., Claude, Dick and members of the Cloister. Dick programs the various functions we can perform in the orbs, E.J. builds the main environments, architecture, select objects and writes comments and makes verbal sound bytes, and Claude provides the sounds and models. Cloister members test the orbs to be sure the install and final package are working properly. I edit and package the orbs for download. That means I run through the orbs and make sure everything is functioning and I mean EVERTHING. Then I package them for release to the beta-testers or for purchase on

During this recent GoddGames cycle, I've noticed a difference between EDITING an orb and RUNNING an orb.

When I edit, I'm looking for functionality. I make sure the items can be picked up, the text and voice are the same, there are no sticking places, all the doors work, etc. I also look for design flaws. Are all the lamps in the right place and the same height? Do each of the items have a platform where intended? There are lots of things to notice. Areas that need attention.

I've made a new practice for myself during this orb's creation cycle. After I've done the editing and determined things are as they should be, I run the orb with a quite different intention.

On the first run through, it's all technical. Does stuff work?

On the second run, I enter the orb with the intention to focus on the EFFECT of picking up the items, hearing and seeing the messages, noticing the change in the HUD (heads up display) numbers and experiencing the environment as a whole. When I approach the orb in this way, it is very different from my editing experience. I experience the quantum magic. I feel empowered, cleansed, blessed. It's definitely not a game.

For your chance at experiencing the quantum magic of the new orbs, become a beta-tester. Send an email to and tell us you are interested in becoming a beta-tester for the GoddGames orbs.
Barbara Haynes


April 8, 2019

Returning home is a kind of a resurrection, isn't it? Well, Mary and I will be returning to a spot that we can call home, by the nature of a certain commonality that is shared by those who are forming a cluster for the EasterWorkshop. Black sheep will arrive around April 19th, resurrect with grace, and then slip back into the wreckage, with a wee alteration potential around April 21st. The assembled flock is gifted by its gathering. The food being offered by the Institute to we "flockettes" will taste different to us all, but it can draw up a co-join. The ritual is being prepared continually. The magic will arrive with the shape of the gathering telling.

April 16, 2019
I've been advised to consider wrapping this up before I get too far afield. There is talk that the Canadians (bless them) only get 200 words. Good thing we are a terse breed. Leaving early tomorrow morning, south to Spokane, Washington, hip and a hop to Sacramento, California and a wee trek up into the hills. Going to turn a murmur into a hum. Soon kids.




Thoughts on the current times and work tools!

When I saw the live demonstrations of the Influence Deck from E.J. and Claude at the recent Easter Workshop, it evoked an Aha! moment for me. How simple yet extremely profound this new work tool seems to be. I feel the new work tool will become a long associate and help me with my other practices. Albeit, not only for me, but it will give me a chance along with my collaborator to share the teachings, work ideas and this specific tool with other beings in general.

The times are changing. It always does. It never remains static. Well, what's the point of the staticity and passiveness, after all, in this ever-expanding immense plethoric multiverse system! Maybe in a different realm there could be the use of these two aspects. Not in the current world. In the current turmoil of constant changes and tons of information sharing mediums, it gets difficult to share the messages and ideas. Especially work ideas. But the positive aspect is that in the same mumbo-jumbo of the current era, using the same mediums that are available, we can get the messages out. We can expand the circle. We can share the tools. Even if a tiny bit of beings gets it, then it's worthwhile. Something on the same terms was requested by heaven, gods Brahma and Indra to Buddha, when he attained Enlightenment. Buddha decided not to share the dharma after his enlightenment, thinking no one will be able to understand him. However, Brahma and Indra requested him to share the teachings for the "tiny bit" of beings who are just on the verge of understanding what the dharma is about and may benefit from it.

As mentioned by E.J., it's times like these which are really helpful for Work. and people interested in practicing, understanding and sharing the work may benefit.

May we all be able to share E.J.'s teachings and work, amongst the "tiny bit" of beings who will benefit by his work tools.

By Nishit Gajjar (NG Grasping Sand)

In April we said good-bye to "Hairdo" You can read more here:

On the other hand, it is spring and everything in nature wants to grow. Some of these starts look ready for the ground, don't you think? Are we going to get a late frost? That is the question, plus, of course, where to actually plant them.

Remember the mason bees we got? As of April 16, all but 2 had emerged from the cocoons, I saw two bees use the nesting tubes, and, 5 weeks later than in the recent seven drought years, the orchard is beginning to bloom. Oh good, the bees have plenty of food, I only need to keep moist clay available for them now.

Nature, always changing, moving, an intricate network of living matter and beings arising in the Eternal Space of what always IS, and, like Hairdo did, returning back to it.

Two grounds of our being.
Look around, appreciate.
Many Blessings to you.
Christiane Wolters


Gorebaggtv is one of our valued work tools. This online channel that streams from "The Barn", aka The Institute's broadcast studio, connects our work circle.

One of my jobs is studio manager, which simply means I consistently set up the programs to broadcast and record them. We've been broadcasting online for 10 years, so I do get "a little help from my friends". However, my job requires being reliable, besides knowing your way around the recording studio and video equipment.

How did I get this job? I was the natural choice; I took it on. I had been trained by our professional Grammy Award-winning sound engineer, Oz Fritz, over 20 years ago to work in the recording studio, plus, I learned from Claude how to use the computer programs that, over the years, have streamed our events.

I am not a "techie". When you're on a team, you don't need to be a "super star". In fact, that attitude gets in the way of communicating and accomplishing the goal. Still, how did I get on this team? I am not a computer programmer, nor even naturally methodical and logical as engineers are inclined to be. But I use my attention to observe the application of those skills by the highly skilled players around me and then do what I can.

It's really all about necessity and a sincere intention to be of service. When E.J. put me in the position of needing to know how to record multi-track music recording sessions, I had great necessity. When Oz was out of town, I was the sound engineer at the board recording, punching in changes and responding to the musicians in the SMOG OPS Canteen spontaneous song-writing recording sessions.

I was scared, the board looked huge with all those channels, the zillions of cables looked like a mass of snakes, I had to be able to follow the signal path. I needed to listen to all the different tracks in a new way, and most importantly, my body had to respond with the appropriate timing so that I recorded all of what came through. Timing is crucial.

The only way out is through. And to go through meant I had to let go of my fear (it never disappeared), not succumb to panic, apply my attention to the present moment, and open my mind and body to aligning to the creative work chamber I was in.

And still, today, when recording Faxl, even with a lot of experience under my belt, the magic works when I allow the mood to embrace me. The creative flow is what it is. You can't force it or change it. Technical problems come up and I have to stay fluid and trust that my body will respond from inspiration, or I will be open to hearing from those around me, the path to take. But bottom line, I operate under the law of necessity and stay aware that "My habits will carry me through."
Marvette Kort


Generosity, giving, gift

Unconditional Generosity of Giving is an act of giving without any expectation of something in return, without wanting to be noticed or to be praised or to receive a compliment, or get a good name. Through our offering, we are able to develop pure thoughts of selflessness and compassion and we are able to reduce greed and desires. Generosity is considered as the first step towards eliminating the three poisons of greed, hatred and ignorance.

The greatest gift is to spread the Teaching to ease the suffering of all beings. Our teacher, E.J., is very generous to create an online platform for us to learn and practice the Teaching. A lot of efforts, time and resources have been put in creating wonderful virtual spaces, such as the Virtual Prosperity Ashram. We can learn, serve and practice from anywhere and anytime. E.J.'s game designers team also spent thousands of hours to compile the Teaching trough the running of Orbs. We can experience an Orb run and visit the YouTube channel called Quantum Magic Videos.

These orbs are tailored to benefit us and to be used to help and coach others.
Learning to live my life to benefit others is indeed one of the biggest lesson on the path. When we are generous with our time to help others, to give food, to give hospitality, we are not only making other's life better, it will benefit ourselves, too.
When I witness how our efforts actually create the space for others to be better, I feel a sense of self-worth and I realize there is meaning to my existence.
Giving can be done in many ways. We should consider ourselves very blessed to be in a situation where we have resources to help many.

Michele Marie


Using the Dream World and the Influence Orbs

There are times when the urge to search for meaning and desire for understanding seems to focus and encourage movement. It was one of those times when I started to read Koyote's book, The Golden Flower. Thinking answers might be held in my dreams, I decided I to remember and chronicle them hoping they might give clues, present directions. I did the exercises given in the book and found the results quite remarkable.

First, I remember my dreams which is new for me. As I wrote about them in my dream journal, I saw behavior patterns emerge, things I do which are shooting myself in the foot. On more than one occasion, I said out loud, "That was dumb, I didn't have to do it that way". Looking from outside myself at myself gave me a larger vision, a larger platform to operate from, more and better ways of handling things presented themselves and more insights became available. I felt blessed.

That step taken, the Influence Orbs became available. I was ready. Using the deck, I saw a layout of past civilizations which had/have influence on me. EJ suggested running the Influence 3 orb as a way of overcoming/eliminating those blockages. Running the orb and sincerely affirming the statements presented there has greatly empowered my work efforts. It is giving me the courage to listen to my own inner voice, to not look outside of myself for answers and directions and to trust in my own developing vision.

Jewel McInroy

In May, a group of our work friends in Spain will be having a get together in Cordoba, from Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 12th. We are looking forward to a few pictures and a report next time.
Carmen Sedeño


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